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Describing a real estate property immediately next to another. For example, a house adjoins the house next door. See also: Adjacent.
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Touching, as in properties that are not separated by any natural or human-made barrier nor by any other property. Contrast with adjacent, which means nearby, but not necessarily touching.

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If one No1[dot encircle] adjoins only inwardly a borderline closed curve of a figure, namely one No1[dot encircle] surrounds directly inwardly only a figure, then merge the figure into the figure which has the hole, and label ?
So original that No2[dot encircle] is nonexistent, we regard the borderline closed curve which adjoins inwardly the borderline closed curve of the merging figure as one No2[dot encircle].
Transform each and every No1[dot encircle] and every borderline closed curve including No2[??] of figures which each No1[dot encircle] surrounds inwardly into rectangular frames which have transversal and longitudinal sides merely via topological transformations, moreover we stipulate that a contact border of two adjacent figures must be two adjacent straight linear segments, not excepting No1[dot encircle] because it adjoins inwardly at least four figures still.
Synchronously transform every rectangles' borderline closed curve which adjoins outwards fully respectively each No1[] into another frame of AA rectangle, then all such frames consist of three kinds of colored points unlike colored points of each No1[] altogether, and each sucu frame still adjoins outwardly fully one No1[] after the topological transformation.
But also, if rectangles on the most-right file except for bottommost one and rectangles on the bottommost rank except for most-right one, all are AB rectangles, then there is surely one BB rectangle which adjoins two sides of the right-underneath angle of the No1[], according to the abovementioned way of doing.
We are known to each such figure adjoins at least four figures according to the above-mentioned way of doing.
One of Ahrar's other urban properties, a shop described in paragraph twenty-seven, partly adjoined the property of two sons of Amir Muhammadi Kukultash, one of Babur's amirs who, in 1526, served him in Kabul.(38) This man, like Khalifah, had been with Babur since his earliest days.
[The waqf includes] all of the boundaries encompassing the madrasah located outside the city of Kabul(54) comprising numerous buildings, several classrooms [darskhanah]; a mosque [masjid] with two adjoining student apartments [hajrah]; a hallway [dalan] of the madrasah and domed porticos [taqha-yi darun], an elaborate entry arch [pishtaq] and a ledge [suffah] in front of the madrasah door; a school/mosque library [maktab], a bath [hammam], a water dispenser [siqayat], a toilet [mustarah], a small sarai with one room [sarachah], and a large arched hall [iwan].(55) Its eastern [border] adjoins the residential compound [havili] which is included in the waqf properties and will be discussed further below.
The sluice of the irrigation canal [juy] of these [fields] is [located] between Yaqub village and Kamari [village].(56) Its eastern [boundary of the village] adjoins the lower slope [daman] of the Tang-i Qarun mountain,(57) and its western [boundary] adjoins the Kamari river.
The eastern [boundary] adjoins the houses of the people of the above-mentioned [Shinah] village.
Its eastern [boundary] adjoins the arable lands of the above-mentioned [Shinah] village and the western [boundary] adjoins the Kamari irrigation canal, where there is an entrance.
Its eastern [boundary] partly adjoins the Tang-i Qarun mountain and partly the Tang-i Qarun water [ab].