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Describing a real estate property that is close to but not adjoining another. For example, a house is adjacent to the house across the street because they are in the same neighborhood.


Nearby, but not necessarily touching; implies properties separated by a natural barrier such as a river,or by a street,but not separated by another property.Properties that touch each other are legally said to be adjoining rather than adjacent, but common usage includes such properties as within the definition of adjacent.

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In subordinatives formed based on similitude, the first word causes a change in meaning of the second word, so they should be written adjacently (18).
Ironically, abstractions of musical form are far easier to present adjacently and are far easier to compare at a glance (in terms of proportions, Roman numerals and so forth).
For these purposes, I have appropriated fragments from five different texts, which I now want, no doubt artificially, to exhibit adjacently.
and inductance in case of the line with the planar adjacently placed rectangular-shaped cross-section conductors
He added that the glass is a donation from the Turkish government for the renovation of Qubbat Al-Silsila (Dome of the Chain), free-standing dome located adjacently east of the Dome of the Rock.
The typeA pattern has spindle cells arranged in a palisading manner with two linear strips; one strip consists of aligned nuclei, and the other lies adjacently and is composed of cytoplasm.
Adjacently, these input/output operations will be aware of an XML schema which they will be using to validate the XML file.
The 43,000 square-foot Edison parking lot features three different kinds of permeable pavement, with several kinds of rain gardens planted adjacently.
Adjacently he reconstitutes the spaces where his rebelliousness took him as the locales of freedom first--the "rabonas" (9) on the dunes when escaping the "Colegio"--and of incipient creativity later--the spaces of the Cason and the Prado museums.
Going adjacently with democratic rights, it may not only be the SPLM to make it final, but there is a possibility that, if the SPLM presents a candidate that Southerners have known would not adhere to their cause, they will not risk throwing a vote.
Others that do not file adjacently alphabetically are trickier (e.
fasciculata extract or isoquercitrin and then spotted adjacently on YPD agar plates incorporating peroxide or menadione.