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Describing a real estate property that is close to but not adjoining another. For example, a house is adjacent to the house across the street because they are in the same neighborhood.


Nearby, but not necessarily touching; implies properties separated by a natural barrier such as a river,or by a street,but not separated by another property.Properties that touch each other are legally said to be adjoining rather than adjacent, but common usage includes such properties as within the definition of adjacent.

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It is obvious that no two adjacent vertices of sets are same, so [tau] is a 4-AVDITC of G.
Over a dozen vehicles of Pakistan Horticulture Authority (PHA) are being parked at the walking track of the park adjacent to Agriculture colony gate.
It is a native herb known also from adjacent Eastland, Erath, and Parker counties (Turner et al.
Located adjacent to Exchange Place, 95 Greene Street is convenient to all modes of mass transportation, Newark International Airport, and the New Jersey Turnpike.
We thank them for suggesting the balloon idea as a way of providing a unique opportunity for people to be lifted into the sky to witness the transformation of the former El Toro Marine Base into the soon-to-be modern marvel, the Great Park and its adjacent community.
Radiographic evidence of adjacent level degeneration in the cervical spine has been documented.
Cu, Cr and As distribution in soils adjacent to pressure-treated decks, fences and poles.
We are embarking on over 14,000 metres of drilling at Red Lake, including follow up of promising gold environments, which we have discovered and drill testing adjacent to other significant discoveries made in the camp in recent years at East Bay and Sidace Lake," says Rubicon CEO David Adamson.
They are Bamburgh - grass area adjacent to recycling site; Beadnell - car park adjacent to recycling site; Belford - golf club; Berwick - garden centre and household waste site, North Road industrial estate; Tweedmouth - Homebase car park marked area; Cornhill - village hall rear car park; Ellingham; Holy Island - main car park; Horncliffe, village hall adjacent to recycling site; Lowick - village hall adjacent to recycling site; Norham - adjacent to recycling site; North Sunderland - civic amenity site; Seahouses - main car park marked area; Wooler - civic amenity site, Padgepool Place car park marked area.
Our goal was to determine if EphB4 is aberrantly expressed in cases of HNSCC and to determine if there is a qualitative difference between the expression of EphB4 on primary and metastatic tumors and its expression on normal mucosa adjacent to primary tumors.