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Describing a real estate property that is close to but not adjoining another. For example, a house is adjacent to the house across the street because they are in the same neighborhood.


Nearby, but not necessarily touching; implies properties separated by a natural barrier such as a river,or by a street,but not separated by another property.Properties that touch each other are legally said to be adjoining rather than adjacent, but common usage includes such properties as within the definition of adjacent.

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1]-free, a is adjacent to x and u is adjacent to d.
A vast portion of the walking track adjacent to Agricultural University Hostel has recently been occupied by a cricket club, recently emerged on the track, God knows on what grounds they have been allowed by PHA.
It has also been reported from adjacent Eastland County (Turner et al.
Then from the above argument, it follows that [sigma] is adjacent to any [Phi] in J.
Several investigators have attempted to evaluate the prevalence of clinically significant adjacent segment degeneration.
For histopathologic study, the adjacent sections were stained with H&E.
The researchers deduce that the electron wave in each hydrogen bond is interfering with the wave in an adjacent covalent bond.
While growth in retirement counties and other counties with physical amenities is largely based on the desire of people to enjoy a lifestyle and engage in activities not available in big cities, many other rural counties adjacent to big cities also are experiencing economic and population growth because the adjacency brings with it the ability to take advantage of economic opportunities found in those cities.
A buffer-zone study that evaluated bird populations in the forested corridor adjacent to the Fence River.
The deleterious effects of adjacent channel recombination is maximum when a test channel is loaded with a strong signal at the maximum allowable power level specified by the dynamic range while the adjacent channel is noise loaded or has a weak signal present at minimum dynamic range.
Therefore, the adjacent rural hospitals supposedly raise their wages above those of other rural hospitals in their States to compete with urban hospitals for workers.