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Describing a real estate property that is close to but not adjoining another. For example, a house is adjacent to the house across the street because they are in the same neighborhood.


Nearby, but not necessarily touching; implies properties separated by a natural barrier such as a river,or by a street,but not separated by another property.Properties that touch each other are legally said to be adjoining rather than adjacent, but common usage includes such properties as within the definition of adjacent.

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In terms of forms, adjacency pairs can be quite flexible.
Here represented are the results, where adjacency matrix columns and rows correspond to the indication in letters that match the conditions IDs of interaction patterns between the project participants (Fig.
Support for children and youth is also part of the Office's ongoing efforts geared towards the promotion and development of a culture of peace in the Adjacency Zone.
Then the eigen values of the adjacency matrix of [GAMMA](G,H) constitute the set: {0 (repeater) a -1 times) -1 (repeated b times) and b}.
In vertex adjacency matrix A of that graph, the first row indicates that edges connect vertex 1 to both vertices 2 and 6; the second row shows that edges connect vertex 2 to vertices 1 and 3, and so forth.
This adjacency will provide easy access to the stage for rehearsal and performance.
If "heavier" markers can disturb the adjacency of lighter markers, then heavy and light markers should not be combined at all in building semantic maps.
This paper is organised as follows: First we repeat some facts about homogeneous lattices and summarise results on adjacency systems and Euler number estimation from Nagel et al.
The manufacturer of Yoplait, the leading yogurt brand in the United States, introduced a new product allocation method the company says will become the next industry-wide space and adjacency optimizing system.
As a complement to this series, in which the abstract theory is less important than the implications and applications of significant topics or themes, this research monograph covers of the algorithmic results attained in the area of graph connectivity, and puts emphasis on results obtained from the introduction of maximum adjacency ordering.
For bounded k and adding an auxiliary table of o(m) bits, our coding supports constant time adjacency queries.
By contrast, in a less conventional setting, Hertl Architekten have responded in a more abstract way (p64), adding a new roof-top element to an existing property that derives its form in response to its neighbour, with a cranked form that acknowledges its adjacency with a traditional slate roof, and a formal distortion that makes the most of spectacular views.