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Describing a real estate property that is close to but not adjoining another. For example, a house is adjacent to the house across the street because they are in the same neighborhood.
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Nearby, but not necessarily touching; implies properties separated by a natural barrier such as a river,or by a street,but not separated by another property.Properties that touch each other are legally said to be adjoining rather than adjacent, but common usage includes such properties as within the definition of adjacent.

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When the system changes to the disconnecting state the established adjacencies are checked.
The data structure size is calculated as a function of the number of adjacencies established by NODE_NCON value, and it ranges between 7 bytes, when there is not created any adjacency, and 517 bytes, when the maximum value of adjacencies has been reached.
Tearing down the lab walls, so to speak, and collaborating with these new partners has allowed GE to see around the corner, spot new technology and business trends, and make informed strategic decisions in growing adjacencies. In time, the differences between open collaboration and open innovation will blur further.
The product adjacencies are inconsistent at the two Rite Aid stores.
That leaves Sir Howard stranded out there, searching for adjacencies and settling for a few random synergies.
Adjacencies: Minority Writing in Canada (2004) also develops the concept of "hybrid identity" shared by Agnew and her daughter (p.
A repeatable formula creates the confidence to invest quickly, provides a method by which to find the next opportunity and makes it possible to handle more adjacencies faster and execute them better.
A typical foundry's business model already includes some adjacencies. It is important, however, to understand which ones support growth and which ones deter from it.
The Sainsbury Wing's willingness to change in relationship to the microclimates of its divergent adjacencies, both formally and associationally--and in particular the way in which it takes themes from William Wilkin's adjacent nineteenth-century edifice and playfully hints at the ways the original played with classicism as sign, while interweaving its forms with modernist gestures--are all direct developments of that contextualism without pastiche that characterized the "Philadelphia School" in the '60s and '70s.
"This action will enable us to move ahead and grant construction permits to eligible LPFM applicants who meet the standard for protecting third adjacencies, the same level of interference protection currently required for full power stations," said Chairman Michael Powell in a statement.
To accomplish such a goal, functional relationships and adjacencies, as well as necessity and convenience had to be evaluated both objectively and subjectively.
Beyond building to code, keeping natural adjacencies in mind can lessen disorientation among residents, suggests Warner.