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Americans with Disabilities Act

Legislation in the United States, passed in 1990, that extended civil rights laws to persons who are physically disabled. Among other provisions, it requires facilities to accommodate the disabled insofar as it is possible. Businesses must comply with the Act when they build or expand their buildings. For example, most new commercial buildings with steps are required to provide access for persons who use wheelchairs.


See Americans with Disabilities Act.
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Identification of a point mutation resulting in a heat-labile adenosine deaminase (ADA) in two unrelated children with partial ADA deficiency.
One microgram of adenosine deaminase (ADA) was then added, and the reaction was incubated at 37 [degrees]C for 10 min to remove residual dATP and then heated to 90 [degrees]C for 3 min to inactivate ADA activity.
In Japan, Hokkaido University and Kumamoto University have so far received approval to conduct gene therapy on a patient with adenosine deaminase deficiency, which is thought to lead to immunodeficiency, and an HIV-infected patient, respectively.
The other research proposal involves the long-awaited gene-therapy trial for up to 10 children with an inherited immune disorder called adenosine deaminase deficiency (SN: 6/16/90, p.
Researchers enhance gene therapy approach for children with adenosine deaminase (ADA)-deficient severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) using chemotherapy as conditioning regimen
Orphan Europe works with the following diseases: acute porphyria, congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency, homocystinuria, hyperammonaemia due to NAGS deficiency, nephropathic cystinosis, patent ductus arteriosus, severe combined immunodeficiency - adenosine deaminase deficiency, vitamin E deficiency in chronic cholestasis and Wilson's disease.
3 TBq/mmol) from NEN; adenosine, AMP, ADP, ATP, cAMP, adenosine deaminase, nucleoside phosphorylase, and xanthine oxidase from Boehringer Mannheim Germany; SAH, adenine, 2'-deoxyadenosine, L-homocysteine, diadenosine diphosphate, [N.
The project must clear other regulatory hurdles, but federal scientists say they may begin treating three or four children with adenosine deaminase deficiency as early as this fall.

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