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A document used to amend or make further specifications to a contract. For example, an addendum may change a payment schedule or, if the contract itself did not do so, specify the amount of the payments. Lawyers often have standardized addendum forms in case parties to a contract wish to make changes.
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Something added as an attachment to a form contract, before contract execution; generally used to cover the particular circumstances of that transaction. Real estate contracts may have addenda (plural of addendum) to cover requirements relative to financing contingencies, property inspections, disclosure of the possible presence of lead-based paint in structures built before 1978, and other variables. Especially for properties with lengthy legal descriptions, an addendum will generally be used for the legal description of the property, rather than squeezing it into the small space available on the form. Contrast with amendment, which is an attachment added after contract execution in order to modify or expand upon the original contract.

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Addendum f reduces the required input for [E.sub.v] to occupant distribution alone, eliminating the need for details about zone airflows and air distribution.
In addition, many departments have additional policies in place to ensure prompt notification of clinicians when amended reports are issued, but such policies are generally not applied to addendum reports.
* Draft Addendum DA-53 aims to strengthen requirements for equipment maintenance and sensor calibration.
In addition to the updated addendum since June 2008, the Appraisal Institute has offered nearly 280 individual courses on green and energy-efficient valuation, and nearly 5,000 attendees have participated.
Today, the Residential Green and Energy-Efficient Addendum is the go-to point in the appraisal report for green and energy-efficient details.
The EIS Addendum is required for the planned drilling programme expected to start in the first quarter of 2010.
Furthermore, the Addendum refers to the parties' rights offirst refusal, Tag Along rights, Buy-Me-Buy-You rights, Nomination ofDirectors, Nomination of Managers and Advisors, voting rights on certainmanners as well as additional provisions in the instance of sellingcontrolling shares in the Company.
* Wash your hands in front of patients before each examination (Addendum III)
In addition to requiring the Market Conditions Addendum (Fannie Mae Form 1004MC/Freddie Mac Form 71) for all Federal Housing Administration appraisals performed on or after April 1, the FHA now also requires two comparables that closed within 90 days prior to the effective date of the appraisal for appraisals of properties located in declining markets.
Summary: An addendum to the contract to launch an Amazigh television was signed here Friday between the government and National TV (SNRT).
All CopperTen products are guaranteed to have a minimum data-carrying capacity of 18-gigabits per second and support the TIA 568 B.2 Addendum 10 draft standard requirements for 10-gigabit Ethernet cabling systems.
Petersburg Addendum," a mysterious Russian document discovered inside a WWII Japanese Zero off Kodiak Island, changes everything.