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A document used to amend or make further specifications to a contract. For example, an addendum may change a payment schedule or, if the contract itself did not do so, specify the amount of the payments. Lawyers often have standardized addendum forms in case parties to a contract wish to make changes.


Something added as an attachment to a form contract, before contract execution; generally used to cover the particular circumstances of that transaction. Real estate contracts may have addenda (plural of addendum) to cover requirements relative to financing contingencies, property inspections, disclosure of the possible presence of lead-based paint in structures built before 1978, and other variables. Especially for properties with lengthy legal descriptions, an addendum will generally be used for the legal description of the property, rather than squeezing it into the small space available on the form. Contrast with amendment, which is an attachment added after contract execution in order to modify or expand upon the original contract.

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Between employers and employees, millions of dollars could be saved on optical and dental insurance every year if more people knew about the Addendum Dental/Optical Benefits Plan," said Bach.
The Addendum to the Teacher's Guide is available immediately for 13 of DK's most popular educational CD-ROMs, including I Love Spelling, Pinball Science, My First Amazing History Explorer and Amazing Animals.
A stockholder need not submit the proxy card accompanying the addendum if such stockholder has already submitted the original proxy card and does not want to change the votes cast.
NYSE: NKE) today issued an addendum to its press release dated July 20 announcing the appointment of Ralph A.
Addendum A of this Rule, Single Drug Category List, included 169 drugs, together with their relative weights in terms of HCPCS units paid in Fiscal Years 2003 and 2004.
Only answers issued through the BidSync system or issued via an authorized and properly issued addendum shall be the official position of the State.
SAN DIEGO -- Businesses Hail Request for Proposal Addendum, Will Continue to Closely Monitor Any Attempts at "Monopolizing" Future Water Authority Projects
TelImagine and Sprint subsequently created an addendum to the original agreement that set limitations on solicitation of TelImagine's customers by Sprint employees, including:
Geotec" or the "Company") executed a Share Exchange Agreement (the "Agreement") and an Addendum to Share Exchange Agreement (the "Addendum") with Consolidated Resources Group, Inc.
Builders in the NAHB's National Green Building Standard Green certification program will receive a partially completed version of the Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum with their certificate for every certified single-family home.
Through hard work the property is now very quiet—the partnership between the management company, the local police department and the voluntary implementation of a Crime Free Lease Addendum program has been a success.