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A document used to amend or make further specifications to a contract. For example, an addendum may change a payment schedule or, if the contract itself did not do so, specify the amount of the payments. Lawyers often have standardized addendum forms in case parties to a contract wish to make changes.


Something added as an attachment to a form contract, before contract execution; generally used to cover the particular circumstances of that transaction. Real estate contracts may have addenda (plural of addendum) to cover requirements relative to financing contingencies, property inspections, disclosure of the possible presence of lead-based paint in structures built before 1978, and other variables. Especially for properties with lengthy legal descriptions, an addendum will generally be used for the legal description of the property, rather than squeezing it into the small space available on the form. Contrast with amendment, which is an attachment added after contract execution in order to modify or expand upon the original contract.

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A change in implication for treatment included situations where the supplemental information provided in the addenda required action from the clinical management team, such as further surgery, adjuvant therapy, or discontinuing an already initiated treatment (eg, after release of a surgical pathology report, lymphovascular invasion is identified upon receipt of additional diagnostic immunohistochemical studies, and adjuvant chemotherapy would need to be initiated solely on this additional information).
The 2007 edition of the standard was published with 44 new addenda (Table 1).
This is the first addenda to be issued to ASME B18.
As this article is being written, in addition to the addenda already discussed, there are six more items that may be included in the supplement.
ASME NQA-1a-2005, Addenda to ASME NQA-1-2004, Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications.
The price of G01804 includes an automatic subscription to the addenda that will be issued up to the next edition of the code.
The price ofM01902 includes an automatic subscription to the addenda that will be issued up to the next edition of the standard.