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1. See: Activity.

2. In insurance, any deed, especially one that foregoes the possibility of coverage. For example, life insurance policies rarely extend coverage if the policyholder commits suicide. In this case, the suicide is called an act.
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"The actors were greedily inquisitive into every little circumstance, more especially in Shakespeare's dramatic character, which his brother could relate of him.
For Prynne one of the great horrors of the stage was the introduction of actresses from France by Henrietta Maria, to take the place of young [84] male actors of whom Dr.
Oliver Cromwell, though he despised the stage, could condescend to laugh at, and with, men of less dignity than actors. Buffoonery was not entirely expelled [86] from his otherwise grave court.
Like many eminent actors, she was famous for the way in which she would utter one single expression in a play.
Should we really care for the greatest actors of the past could we have them before us?
The victim was a popular actress; the accused was a popular actor; and the accused had been caught red-handed, as it were, by the most popular soldier of the patriotic season.
All the chief actors being of a worldly importance, the barristers were well balanced; the prosecutor for the Crown was Sir Walter Cowdray, a heavy, but weighty advocate of the sort that knows how to seem English and trustworthy, and how to be rhetorical with reluctance.
The actors were sometimes strolling companies of players, who might be minstrels 'or rustics, and were sometimes also retainers of the great nobles, allowed to practice their dramatic ability on tours about the country when they were not needed for their masters' entertainment.
Tyne Wear Theatre Company was staging another of Russell's plays, Stags and Hens, which was to give Brendan his first substantial break as an actor.
Rene Thornton Jr., a long-time actor at the ASC, with more than 120 roles under his belt says "It's gonna be a fantastic journey, and I think our audiences have a lot of exciting things coming their way."
ELERI LLOYD JONES I think that the old films and actors are much better than they are today, epic films such as Gone with the Wind and Spartacus which I have watched over and over with film actors such as Spencer Tracey, James Steward, Kirk Douglas, Clark Gable and the list goes on NERYS WILLIAMS I think that there are great actors over the age of 50 - such as Judi Dench, we still watch 'Bond' films, don't we?
Actor Ayushmann Khurrana of 'Vicky Donor' fame, who has been winning numerous accolades for his role in his debut film, also took home the best debut male award at TOIFA.