activity level

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Activity Level

1. See: Active Stocks.

2. The level to which an activity incurs a cost for a company.

activity level

a measure of output which can be expressed in units of production, direct labour hours, machine hours or some other basis.
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But, in November, the overall activity level increased in spite of the fact that activity for people ages 45 to 59 fell 1%.
A smaller person theoretically needs fewer calories than a larger person, though again, a persons activity level must be considered.
Determining the physical activity level in elderly people is difficulty and complicated.
BRAXTON HICKS CONTRACTIONS | Infrequent, they occur every five to 10 minutes a few times a day Not constant, don't last longer than a few seconds Severity depends on activity levels as the contractions stop when you slow down, sit down or change position Usually quite weak or strong in the beginning, getting weaker with time Felt mostly in the lower abdomen LABOUR CONTRACTIONS | Occur more regularly, usually two to three minutes apart Each one tends to last for about 30 to 90 seconds Remain consistent regardless of your activity level and position Cause a sharp pain | May begin in the abdomen, then moving toward the lower back or vice versa
To study the influence of the activity level two activity levels 1.
We are currently tendering for several new projects for our Egersund yard and we are confident that we will secure new work to maintain a robust activity level also during the last half of 2015," said Per Harald Kongelf, head of Aker Solutions in Norway.
The study also compared the changes in dietary patterns and correlated the daily dietary Glycemic Load intake and physical activity level in female university students with their weight gain/loss status over a period of six months.
Our findings support interventions that help older adults to increase their physical activity level, even if guidelines are not fully met," Dr.
Although the majority of participants were in the moderate category of physical activity, more children were in the moderate category with average physical activity level of children better than those of adolescents.
The study reviewed in this paper examined the effect of the "Middle School Physical Activity and Nutrition" ("M-SPAN)" intervention on the physical activity level of middle school students.
Researchers also explained that their findings underscore the message that it's never too late to increase your physical activity level, and that noticeable health benefits can accrue with consistent exercise over time.