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1. An act that requires use of resources or time. In Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), an activity is represented by an arrow on a PERT chart.

2. In investing, the amount of a security's relative trading volume; that is, the amount of money flowing into and out of a security in trading. A high amount of activity means that many shares of the security are being bought and sold at a high rate, while a low level of activity indicates the opposite.


The amount of relative trading volume in a security.
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At the Start of Each Activity, Check 100 Percent of the Students As soon as an activity starts, the teacher's first move should be a quick "once through" walk from student to student to make sure that each has started out on the right foot.
For example, Figure 2 shows two activity models depicting the same mission-tasking process.
Prior to July 2001, the Multistate Tax Commission (MTC) explicitly indicated that the delivery of TPP in company-owned vehicles was an unprotected activity under P.
There are several important components in designing a contract activity package.
The analysis identifies predatory crime (the focus of the routine activity theory) as an illegal act consisting of direct physical contact between an offender and a victim (e.
More recently, James Blumenthal et al, analyzed physical activity and depression.
No such brain-related pain effects occurred for the remaining 24 participants, who were instructed to change their brain activity when they were outside the fMRI machine or in the machine but receiving no feedback, when they received feedback from brain areas unrelated to pain, or when they viewed someone else's pain-related brain activity.
What are the policies that affect our opportunities for physical activity and have allowed the growth of the physical inactivity industry?
Reports required of MSBs usually fall into two categories: currency transaction reports and suspicious activity reports.
District 7--Chicago: The economy continued to grow moderately in late February and March, although activity lagged in Michigan.
This is a facts-and-circumstances inquiry, but the Notice lists as relevant factors the relative value added by and the relative cost of the taxpayer's MPGE activity in the United States, the nature of the property, and the nature of the MPGE activity that the taxpayer performs in the United States.
Children are going to one activity after another in which they are competing," Sluss says.

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