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A market in which there is frequent trading.
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1. Describing a security that is traded with relative frequency. Many investors look to active securities because they can be traded, even in rather large quantities, without affecting the price. Active securities usually have a low bid-ask spread.

2. Describing a market or exchange with a high trading volume.
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Of or relating to a security in which there is a great deal of trading. Active securities appeal to many investors because they usually can be traded without affecting the price. In over-the-counter trading, an active security usually has a smaller spread between the bid and ask price. See also most-active stocks.
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The common approach mentioned above could not analyze the nature of the local active sites or the structuring surface providing only the average reaction rate.
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Lib dock docks ligand into the active site by calculating hot spots and using polar and a polar probes and these hot spots are further used to align ligands to form interactions 16.
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Here, we present a reliable bioinformatics classroom module into an introductory biochemistry course, which identifies two critical aspects of hands-on activity: building phylogeny and 3D structure of the active site of the target enzyme, [alpha]-amylase.
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However, in the past two months, staff at the King County Department of Permitting and Environmental Review (DPER) received noise complaints from the more than 50 homes within a quarter-mile of the active site. "It's just in the last month that they've produced enough product to have trucks come in," Fred White, a DPER inspector overseeing the quarry site told the Snoqualmie Valley Record.

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