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A market in which there is frequent trading.


1. Describing a security that is traded with relative frequency. Many investors look to active securities because they can be traded, even in rather large quantities, without affecting the price. Active securities usually have a low bid-ask spread.

2. Describing a market or exchange with a high trading volume.


Of or relating to a security in which there is a great deal of trading. Active securities appeal to many investors because they usually can be traded without affecting the price. In over-the-counter trading, an active security usually has a smaller spread between the bid and ask price. See also most-active stocks.
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In our case, we were studying the active site of the enzyme from three different sources.
Further Ramachandran plot is also determined for the active site and nucleophilic elbow which shows that Ser163 is present in unfavorable region and is therefore highly unstable in this position.
However, the MWD cannot be controlled effectively, which is generally attributed to the heterogeneity of the catalyst system and to the existence of multiple active sites [1-10].
Students learn about certain properties of enzymes such as: active sites, interactions with substrates, specificity for substrates, and the upper limits of temperature imposed upon their catalytic activities.
The complexity of the active site explains the problems of reproducibility.
They also documented that the new beta-lactam antibiotic ceftaroline, recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration, is able to bind to the allosteric domain and trigger the same allosteric opening of the active site.
The Newcastle company said reservations per active site fell to 0.
Key statement: The present invention relates to a process for producing a modified polymer, comprising modifying a polymer having an active site of an organometal type in a molecule by reacting the site thereof with a hydrocarbyloxysilane compound and adding a condensation accelerator to the reaction system in the middle of the above reaction and/or after completion thereof and a rubber composition comprising the modified polymer obtained by the process described above, preferably a rubber composition comprising 100 parts by weight of (A) a rubber component containing at least 30% by weight of the above modified polymer and 10 to 100 parts by weight of (B) silica and/ or carbon black.
Current pesticides bind the amino acid serine at the active site of AChE.
Moreover, the amino acid residues (E119, H274, R292, and N294) of the NA active site were conserved, which suggests that the virus was sensitive to oseltamivir.
Co-crystal structure solution of initial candidates docked in the active site of the CDK enzyme guided parallel synthesis iterations that resulted in analogues with high CDK selectivity, nanomolar potency in cells and profound cell cycle effects.

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