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A market in which there is frequent trading.


1. Describing a security that is traded with relative frequency. Many investors look to active securities because they can be traded, even in rather large quantities, without affecting the price. Active securities usually have a low bid-ask spread.

2. Describing a market or exchange with a high trading volume.


Of or relating to a security in which there is a great deal of trading. Active securities appeal to many investors because they usually can be traded without affecting the price. In over-the-counter trading, an active security usually has a smaller spread between the bid and ask price. See also most-active stocks.
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Moreover, with a reduction in the frequency of applications, the possibility of selection of genotypes resistant to the frequent use of one or more active principles is reduced (BRENT; HOLLOMON, 2007), which has been observed in successive crop years and, in many cases, leads to an increase in the number of sprays and active principles used (GRIGOLETTI JUNIOR; SONEGO, 1993).
Currently, special attention has been given to neonicotinoids, as this class of insecticides has many active principles and their risks to non-target organisms are little known.
Here, it is nearly impossible to choose methodologically; therefore pre-tests are required to give information about the appropriate active principle.
Medicinal plants are providing an effective local aid to health care and disease free life and they contain physiologically active principles that over the years have been exploited in traditional medicines for the treatment of various ailments.
The fourth step was the discovery that the active principle was maximally insoluble in 95 percent alcohol.
In traditional Chinese culture qi (Chi) "energy flow" is an active principle forming part of any living thing.
Agrama emphasizes that the problem-space of secularism is firmly entrenched in Egypt, the active principle of secularism is rooted in the legal notion of public order, whereas the public order is a basis for the state's legal power to define the essence of both Christianity and Islam in Egypt.
He stressed the need to ensure a better co-ordination between consulting physicians and pharmacists, reviewing, in the meantime, the right of substitution which provides the possibility to pharmacists to change a medical prescription by proposing another medicament which has the same active principle.
This active principle improves the mobility of children and the ability to sense their body's position.

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