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A measure of area, especially of land. The area of an acre is not standardized; an American acre is slightly larger than an international acre. It is roughly 4,840 square yards. Historically, an acre is said to be an approximation of the land a single ox could plough in a day. It is often used in real estate transactions.


Historically, the amount of land a yoke of oxen could plow in one day;today,a quantity of land containing 43,560 square feet.An acre can be any shape.Especially in the case of commercial properties,land values are usually expressed in terms of price per square foot rather then price per acre.

Example:  If you know that a 16-acre parcel recently sold for $10,000,000, you calculate the price per foot as follows:

16 acres      43,560 square feet per acre       696,960 square feet

$10,000,000     696,960 feet     $14.35 per square foot

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1,900 acres have been sold in the form of industrial lands in 10 th of Ramadan City, and facilities are currently being connected.
Agriculture officials said farmers would remain engaged with cotton sowing activity till the end of June or extend into first week of July on way to achieving six million acre sowing target in Punjab.
Gilbert Jones said the city would probably retain ownership of Green Acres, and farm it using chemical fertilizers.
Good, the property may be purchased in a number of parcels, including: the residence and 25 acres of land; the residence, a 14-acre parcel of land and a five-acre parcel; and the residence, plus the 25 acres of land and either or both 14 and five-acre parcels.
The research found that if given the choice, consumers want local products from a family farm," says Kyle Vickers, Heritage Acres treasurer and pork producer from Eldorado Springs.
The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) Protect an Acre Program donates money collected to local groups, indigenous tribes, human rights or other grassroots organizations, mostly in the Amazon Basin.
Arab billionaire Mohammed bin Rachid al Maktoum has 56,000 acres near Kyle of Lochalsh.
Finding Schlicher to be a credible witness, the Tax Court concluded that only the 7 1/2 acres he fenced off for the boarding and breeding activity was not part of his personal residence; the remaining 43 1/2 acres were used for residential purposes.
enterprise is designed to help companies like Home Acres gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, whether through inventory management, purchasing functionality or enhanced EDI technology.
16, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- More than a half-million acres of prime Pennsylvania farmland are now forever safe from development through the state agriculture department's nation-leading farmland preservation program.
s Department of Water and Power owns a real-estate empire of more than 315,000 acres throughout the state and the Southwest but only earns about $7.