acquisition cost

Acquisition cost

Refers to the price (including the closing costs) to purchase another company or property.

In the context of investments, refers to price plus brokerage commissions, of a security, or the sales charge applied to load funds. See: Tax basis.

Acquisition Cost

1. The total cost for a firm to buy an asset. The acquisition cost includes all legal fees, closing costs, or other increases. Likewise, it makes allowances for discounts. Importantly, however, the acquisition cost does not include any applicable sales tax.

2. The total cost for a firm to gain a new client or customer. The acquisition cost includes marketing, discounts, networking, and other associated costs.

acquisition cost

The price and all related expenses of obtaining property; may include closing expenses,survey,inspections,and paying off adverse claimants.

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Included in this public release are non-GAAP (unaudited) financial measures of total acquisition cost and the total acquisition cost multiple.
Elsevier, the leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, announced today an agreement with WellDyneRx, an innovative, full-service Prescription Benefit Manager (PBM), to use Elsevier's Predictive Acquisition Cost (PAC).
In a symmetric independent private value (IPV) setting of McAfee and McMillan (1987) with fixed information acquisition cost, Levin and Smith (1994) note that the ex ante efficient and revenue-maximizing auction (a second-price auction with no entry fee and no reserve) induces many asymmetric entry equilibria other than the targeted symmetric one.
AMP-based FULs also varied significantly throughout 2008 for 38 drugs, in some cases exceeding the average retail pharmacy acquisition cost one month and falling below it in another month.
The Supreme Court of Oklahoma ruled that a home builder who purchased vacant lots from developers was entitled to tax assessments calculated using the developers' acquisition cost method because the lots contained no buildings.
It's not uncommon for additional income, the value of time savings or increase in portfolio value to exceed the acquisition cost of an aircraft in two to three years.
Significant cost saving procedures implemented in the manufacture and assembly of the Viper Laser decreased the countermeasures system's acquisition cost per C-17 by about 30 percent.
The market price has to rise that much just to cover costs, which does not include any potential rise in the fiber acquisition cost.
Our industry still seems to be getting used to these last two terms--total component cost and total acquisition cost.
At SWH, 75 percent of business has involved 95 percent or more of the acquisition cost, lending up to 130 percent of acquisition costs if potential to create value exists.
The acquisition cost trendline: Over time, the cost of acquiring a customer ought to decline steadily, driven by higher sales volumes, enhanced brand reputation, a more experienced sales force, and product improvements.
It is assumed the initial acquisition cost is too high and the benefits will not be realized.

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