acquisition cost

Acquisition cost

Refers to the price (including the closing costs) to purchase another company or property.

In the context of investments, refers to price plus brokerage commissions, of a security, or the sales charge applied to load funds. See: Tax basis.
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Acquisition Cost

1. The total cost for a firm to buy an asset. The acquisition cost includes all legal fees, closing costs, or other increases. Likewise, it makes allowances for discounts. Importantly, however, the acquisition cost does not include any applicable sales tax.

2. The total cost for a firm to gain a new client or customer. The acquisition cost includes marketing, discounts, networking, and other associated costs.
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acquisition cost

The price and all related expenses of obtaining property; may include closing expenses,survey,inspections,and paying off adverse claimants.

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On the other hand, unconsolidated operating profits decreased by 9pc mainly due to an increase in fuel and power rates, higher subscriber acquisition cost and cable and satellite/network maintenance on account of currency devaluation.
The total acquisition cost of GBP 4.1m (USD 5.37m), which includes stamp duty and other acquisition costs, will be funded from existing cash resources and debt facilities.
Navarro said the land acquisition cost skyrocketed 10 times the usual rate.
In order to determine the criterion for the ratio of medical device spare parts to the total acquisition cost of medical device inventory, it is necessary to divide the medical device inventory into technological development levels in terms of device groups and calculate the cost of each group separately.
SCA AB stated on Monday that it has updated the acquisition cost for allocation of shares of series A and Series B in Essity Aktiebolag.
While it was battling court cases and arbitration, athird blow came by the way of the new land acquisition cost, which pushed up the average price from around Rs 1.3 crore a hectare to around Rs 2 crore - an increase of around 54%.
Generic drugs with very significant acquisition cost increases (more than 100%) accounted for approximately 2% of $23.3 billion in total Medicaid expenditures on all prescription drugs (generic and branded) and approximately 9% of $6.0 billion in total Medicaid expenditures on generic drugs over the study period.
4, creates a private cause of action in favor of respondents, two health and welfare funds, against appellant pharmacies for failing to pass on the difference between the acquisition cost of brand name drugs and substituted generic prescription drugs; and (2) whether the funds pleaded a claim for relief under Minn.
Furthermore, the generic blood glucose test strips have significantly reduced acquisition cost for the retailer, compared with the majority of branded test strips, whose published acquisition cost is 8 to 10 times higher than that of UniStrip1, Admani further commented.
In some cases it will be obvious where the deal fees will fall - for example, stamp duty (acquisition cost) or bank arrangements fees (debt raising costs) - but for the vast majority it may be less clear (for example, due diligence) as they could apply to all three categories.
explains that most IP Telephony buyers continue to make new purchase decisions based on up-front costs which often exceed acquisition cost over the life of the system.

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