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Not surprisingly, it was the same banner that scored lowest for customer acknowledgement (Table 5).
03, Form 1098-C, Contribution of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes, is to be used for reporting information to the IRS, and a copy of Form 1098-C may also be used to provide written acknowledgement to the donor.
It is responsible for maintaining acknowledgements of data buffers and resending buffers when required.
The acknowledgement agreements address, in different ways as described, two primary concerns of any party lending on the security of so-called "executory" contracts rights--risks arising from the terms of the contract assigned, and risks arising out of transactions outside the scope of the matters covered by the contract.
Just like a RAID controller, a write acknowledgement is sent to the host only after the blocks are written to both local and remote mirror partners.
Moore: That is an absolutely ridiculous argument made to divert attention from the true issue, which is the acknowledgement of God.
By all means, use the rubber stamp, or otherwise prominently indicate on your acknowledgement that the order is accepted subject to your terms.
This will start off with a registration scheme for those who wish to participate in the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry and Acknowledgement Forum which will be open to victims and survivors from 1 October 2012.
In addition, if the donee sells the vehicle without a significant intervening use or material improvement, the acknowledgement must (1) certify that the vehicle was sold in an arm's-length transaction between unrelated parties and (2) state the gross proceeds from the sale.
Please send acknowledgement to: -- Name: -- Address: --
A QSP is a payment in which there is no expectation that the payor will receive any substantial return benefit other than the use or acknowledgement of its name or logo.
In addition, Kintera's honor roll gadget provides acknowledgement on a social networking page or blog of those who gave to an individual constituent's fundraising efforts.