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We're now making this a major division within Ace," he said.
The Late Great Johnny Ace not only serves to relate the importance of Johnny Ace to American popular music but also provides substantial information on tangential subjects such as the rise of independent record labels, the history and importance of disk jockeys and radio stations, and Memphis from the Civil War to World War II.
Ace takes the Consul's riding whip from him and whacks him on his rear.
Deductions Disallowed for E&P That Are Also Disallowed for ACE Purposes
Although the first ACE tax return for a calendar year corporation is not due until September 16, 1991, if it's extended, estimated payments for 1990 must take ACE into account.
Although the overall theme for 1989's tax legislation was to raise revenue, Congress adopted some costly benefits for corporations which simplify the ACE calculation as originally enacted and modify the AMT system by liberalizing the minimum tax credit (MTC) computation.
In August 2005, ACE was threatened with patent infringement claims by APL.
We've already met Ace; he has retrieved a kidnapped dog for a gorgeous female client who offers Ace sexual favors as an expression of gratitude in a tongue-in-cheek (no pun intended) opening episode.
ACE Tempest Re Canada is authorized to write reinsurance on behalf of ACE's licensed and admitted Canadian insurance companies.
Established in 2006, ACE Life Insurance, Russia is a wholly owned subsidiary of ACE European Holdings No 2 Limited, a UK-based holding entity of the ACE Group of Companies.
We're pleased to be selected to be a qualified provider of brownfields insurance for this groundbreaking program, which subsidizes a developer's purchase of environmental insurance from approved carriers," said William Hazelton, Senior Vice President, ACE Environmental Risk.