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Law firms can contact Accurate Legal Billing to request a demo of the software, get more information, and get a custom estimate to access the service.
Got to the ball ahead of Rebic as he looked to shoot Accurate passes: 12 Total passes: 17 Pass accuracy: 70.6%
The partnership has kicked off with joint demos for existing customers of Accurate Player.
Teachers were less accurate about predicting which black and Hispanic students would drop out or attend college.
"Media is not without its resource and ability to get scoops but siguro ang mahalaga lang talaga pag ilalabas natin ang report to the public of a certain crime, let's make sure that it's accurate para maayos ang pag investigate [but what is important is to ensure that when we release to the public a report of a certain crime, let's make sure it's accurate so there will be a smooth investigation on the case]," Lacierda said.
In order for a carrier to be certified guaranteed accurate, the carrier's rates must endure a quality assurance process.
Accurate traces its origins to Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company where Accurate's co-founder, Carmine Salvatore, learned his trade and worked as foreman of the tool and die department.
It shoots flatter, hits harder and is more accurate when fired in a rifled barrel.
I agree with everything Roy says, and if I were given a heavy barrel M&P with a decent holster and a couple of speed loaders, I not only would be well armed for general police work, but I opine I also would have a very accurate gun.
synonyms: correct, exact, and accurate mean agreeing with a fact, truth, or standard.
Erratum: I wish to point out that because of a miscommunication with Energy, I put a notation on the graphs they supplied that indicated the graphs were not accurate below 40 Hz.

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