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Broker/analyst recommendation that could mean slightly different things depending on the broker/analyst. In general, it means to increase the number of shares of a particular security over the near term, but not to liquidate other parts of the portfolio to buy a security that might skyrocket. A buy recommendation, but not an urgent buy.
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1. The gradual purchase of a single security over a long period of time as opposed to a single purchase all at once. This is done to avoid causing fluctuations in price. See also: Distribution, Accumulation Area.

2. See: Market Outperform.
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To purchase a relatively large amount of stock in a firm during a given period. Compare distribute.
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From early in their working years they accumulate big debts from the purchase of material goods, or moving up to a bigger house or car as their careers advance.
In addition to plant nutrients, contaminants such as heavy metals and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) can accumulate behind dams.
The letters suggested that restoring estate and trust tax rate brackets to the highest individual income tax rate brackets could lead to revenue gain as trusts accumulate income they otherwise would be driven to distribute to lower-bracket individuals.
In general, the ecotoxicologist finds that roots accumulate the highest concentrations of drugs.
Their tack was to allow flies to accumulate charge as they wandered over different materials.
1375(a) when passive investment income (PII) exceeds 25% of gross receipts.(26) In general, an S corporation cannot accumulate E&P after its S election takes effect, with two exceptions:
Because top-predator fish can accumulate high concentrations of PCBs, people eating such fish can also build up high body burdens of the pollutants.
However, an accumulation provision said if income exceeded the amount the trustees deemed necessary for Lavedna's "needs, best interests and welfare," then the trustees had the discretion to accumulate the income.
The individual could generate current tax savings and accumulate large amounts of capital through this structure.
* Let all corporate earnings in excess of the exempt amount accumulate in retained earnings until age 70.
When enough carbon nuclei accumulate, they would squeeze together to make even heavier elements, liberating a tremendous amount of energy in the process--about 1,000 times as much as a helium explosion produces.
For example, according to exhibit 2, a taxpayer in the 33% marginal tax bracket who expects to earn a 10% rate of return and accumulate the interest for 20 years ears $13,455 for the IRA and $7,276 for the taxable retirement fund.