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All accrued but unpaid dividends shall be paid upon presentation of the shares for redemption.
The company added that the notes will be redeemed at an amount per note equal to the sum of 100% of the nominal amount, accrued but unpaid Interest and the applicable premium, which make up the 'make whole amount'.
For the 20,700,000 shares of Floating Rate Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series F, $25 liquidation preference per share of Floating Rate Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series F, plus an amount equal to the accrued but unpaid dividends thereon for the then-current dividend period to but excluding the redemption date;
The remaining USD915,000 of the 6.5% notes were redeemed at 100 percent of their principal amount plus accrued but unpaid interest up to but excluding Dec.
Accrued unpaid interest--cash basis borrower: With respect to a cash basis borrower, the treatment of accrued but unpaid interest will also depend on the property's FMV.
The company closed, and the employees were terminated without their accrued but unpaid vacation pay and severance pay.
On September 20, 1994, the shareholder sold the note and all accrued but unpaid interest to an unrelated third party, resulting in a capital loss of $500,000.
The Conferees expect such regulations to provide that such payments will be allocated on a pro rata basis between accrued but unpaid OID treated as interest, and the accrued but unpaid disqualified portion of the OID.
26, 2013 for a redemption price equal to 100% of their principal amount, plus accrued but unpaid interest.
Under the TAM'S facts, the total amount of each allowed claim, including accrued but unpaid prepetition interest, was paid in full.
The lender, who had received permission from the bankruptcy trustee to sell the house, sold it for $1,215,000 in January 1995--at which time the principal balance was $1,341,352, including $126,352 of accrued but unpaid interest.