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To earn but not collect. For example, if a company makes $1 million in revenue but has not collected $250,000 before it must make its quarterly statement, it is said to have accrued $250,000 in revenue. By the same token, the interest a bond has earned between coupon payments is said to accrue. See also: Accruals.


To accumulate; grow. A $100,000 loan at 7 percent interest accrues interest at the rate of $7,000 per year, or $19.18 per day. The mortgage holder on a property being sold will typically tell the closing company a payoff amount accurate as of the anticipated closing date, with a daily accrual for each day closing is delayed.

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69-587 and Eastman Kodak, provide a framework for determining whether the taxpayer, in the instant case, can deduct the employment taxes related to the accrued vacation and bonus pay if it establishes certain elements.
Taxpayers who pay interest under an obligation as guarantor may be entitled to an interest deduction if interest accrued after they became primarily liable for the debt.
Unless separate sub-accounts are used to capture the accrued expense versus the payments and other adjustments to an accrued liability account, the only way to compute the expense versus the payments would be to review every transaction (journal entry) that was made to the accrued liability accounts.
Section 461(h) adds a new dimension to the deductibility of accrued liabilities, and it underscores the superfluity of section 461(d).
Use of Accrued Paid Leave--Eligible employees |select one: will; will not~ be required to use accrued paid leave before unpaid leave is taken.
163(1), no deduction is allowed for interest paid or accrued on a disqualified debt instrument, which is any debt of a corporation payable in the issuer's or a related-party's equity.
The IRS took the position that deductions for interest on secured creditors' claims was proper, provided that a taxpayer takes a deduction in the year it actually accrued the interest.
Post-death distributions from nonqualified deferred compensation plans are generally treated as taxable wages but, like post-death payments of accrued current compensation, are not subject to income tax withholding.
106, amounts to be paid under individual deferred compensation contracts must be fully accrued by the full eligibility date.
On his 1993 and 1994 returns, G claimed a deduction for accrued interest relating to the note and a net operating loss carryover.