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To earn but not collect. For example, if a company makes $1 million in revenue but has not collected $250,000 before it must make its quarterly statement, it is said to have accrued $250,000 in revenue. By the same token, the interest a bond has earned between coupon payments is said to accrue. See also: Accruals.
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To accumulate; grow. A $100,000 loan at 7 percent interest accrues interest at the rate of $7,000 per year, or $19.18 per day. The mortgage holder on a property being sold will typically tell the closing company a payoff amount accurate as of the anticipated closing date, with a daily accrual for each day closing is delayed.

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'I have no idea that the accrued rights from May 2017 till date stands at N97.55 billion.''
According to the firm, the accumulated deferred dividends, plus accrued dividends thereon, are payable on March 31, 2014 to shareholders of record as of the business day immediately preceding the distribution date.
"There is no way that Varna's court staff exhausts their accrued leaves for just one year.
A number, including California, Michigan, New Jersey, and Florida, have held that accrued leave time is marital property that is subject to division at the time of dissolution.
When a cash basis taxpayer sells a market discount bond (as defined in Q 1109) issued after July 18, 1984, or issued on or before July 18, 1984 and purchased after April 30, 1993, or if the taxpayer sells a tax-exempt bond purchased on the market after April 30, 1993 at a discount, his gain is generally treated as interest income to the extent of market discount accrued up to the date of disposition.
2001), the court allowed a taxpayer to deduct postpetition interest as it accrued when the creditors had a contractual right to receive postpetition interest.
To ensure solvency of all private pensions, the PPA establishes new funding requirements and limits benefit accruals for certain plans deemed "at risk." A plan will be at risk if the accrued benefits under the plan are less than 80 percent funded based on the prior year's assets.
See, e.g., the discussion below in regard to accrued liabilities included on Line 31 of Part IV.) During that time, the IRS and Treasury could review the data reported in columns (B) and (C) and make a more informed evaluation of whether column (A) (and, for that matter, column (D)) would be required.
Moreover, once accrued, SMART will ask volunteers in its virologic suppression arm to do what patients in clinical practice often fail to do: adhere to toxic treatment regimens for years on end.
That would presumably involve making the implicit accrued unfunded liability of the current social security system to beneficiaries explicit.
"One, I'm providing protection for my family and two, I can take some funds that have accrued from the account."
The drawback to this plan is that it can be quite expensive if the retiring employee has accrued a large number of sick leave days.