accounting return

Simple Rate of Return

An estimate of the return on an investment. It is calculated simply by finding the investment's profit before taxes and interest expenses. The simple rate of return is easy to calculate but is not always accurate because it considers the investment's profit rather than cash flow. It also does not take into account the effects of compounding. It is also called the accounting rate of return or the book value method.
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accounting return

accounting return

a criterion used in INVESTMENT APPRAISAL to evaluate the desirability of an INVESTMENT project. Accounting return involves calculating the anticipated return on an investment in terms of the average yearly accounting profit expected from the project, expressed as a percentage of the capital invested. Fig. 5 shows a typical calculation for a proposed machine purchase, which in this case promises an accounting return of 36% per year. If a firm's target rate of return for new investment projects was, say, 30% plus, then this particular project would be undertaken.

Whether or not the calculated return is realized depends upon how accurate the future estimates of sales volume, selling prices, materials costs, machine life, etc. turn out to be. Since all investments involve assessments of future revenues and costs they are all subject to a degree of uncertainty This problem, in part, can be handled by undertaking a sensitivity analysis, making not one but three estimates from each item of project cost or revenue (‘optimistic’, ‘most likely’, ‘pessimistic’) to indicate the range of possible outcomes.

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As well as generating a strong total shareholder accounting return of 19% and high like-for-like annualised rent roll growth of 7.1%, we've significantly reshaped the portfolio to focus on our seven key cities."
Specifically, we define the binary private state (good or bad), denoted as [S.sub.nt], conditional on the accounting return to equity that is measured by book value.
I also include shareholder return and accounting return on assets as control variables, since these measures indicate whether CEO pay is tied to firm performance.
We restate their financial statements using the equity method, and we compare the information content of the two accounting methods in predicting accounting return on common shareholders' equity.
A cursory reading of articles and books could lead you to believe that the notion of accounting return on investment, or ROI (accounting income divided by accounting asset value), is valid for evaluating investment decisions.
Generally, commercial banking appears to be one of the least risky activities in financial services, as measured by the coefficient of variation of its accounting return on equity (ROE) or its accounting return on assets (ROA).
Accounting betas were estimated for the same banks by regressing the accounting return (ROA and ROE) on the various indices.
Alternatively, will accounting return to being a predominately male profession (scenario two) as relatively high numbers of women continue to leave the profession compared to men, and greater numbers of men move into it drawn possibly by increasing relative pay?
Given the inherent weaknesses of single measures of performance and in order to capture and probe different strategic objectives of foreign investors and the corresponding roles of IJVs, in this study, IJV performances is measured along two dimensions: accounting return (ROI and ROA), and market growth (domestic sales and export growth).

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