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The practice or profession of maintaining financial records, noting expenses or revenue, and determining how much one owes or is owed. Accounting seeks to assure that every individual or company pays or is paid the correct amount. There are several different types of accounting, each of which reports revenue and earnings differently from other methods. Two major accounting methods are accrual accounting and cash accounting. Accrual accounting recognizes revenue and matches it with the expenses that generated that revenue. Cash accounting, on the other hand, recognizes revenue and expenses in the order in which they are received or spent.

Accounting is important in personal finance as well. One must maintain accurate records to ensure that enough money remains to pay one's bills. Likewise, accounting is necessary to pay personal or corporate taxes in the correct amount. See also: CPA, LIFO, FIFO.
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Fig. 3 Accounting. A typical data-recording sequence.


the process of recording a firm's financial transactions in appropriate book-keeping records and of summarizing this information in the form of accounting reports, using acknowledged methods and conventions. FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING is geared to the preparation of summary reports for the shareholders or owners of the business, while MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING is geared to the preparation of more detailed reports for managers. Fig. 3 shows a typical data-recording sequence.
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As a result, the tax function mission of "enhancing shareholder value," while still important, must now be evaluated through a new filter imposed by Congress and the IRS--"transparency through disclosure" Members of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) have stated that "sunlight is the best disinfectant" for cleansing financial statements of aggressive interpretations of tax accounting rules.
In July 2004, The Wall Street Journal noted, "while many academic fields are suffering from professor shortages, the issue is more acute in accounting because of the pull toward high-paying public accounting jobs" ("Accounting in college lures more students," July 29, 2004).
However, the longer it takes to identify them, the more difficult and inefficient it becomes to reopen the accounting ledgers and record the transactions or to adjust the SEC registrant's financial statements.
Accounting frameworks should improve transparency around business decisions and outcomes without providing a disincentive to better management of risk.
Work on Phase II, detailing the accounting for insurance contracts, had become "dormant" over the past year after the IASB ran into opposition from the insurance industry, said Clark.
The description will be provided to the accounting specialist who will verify that the program contains end items that should be capitalized as GPP & E (based on the financial management regulations), and determine, based on accounting treatment, which items should be grouped together on one contract line item number in the contract.
For the data to be correctly mapped to the Schedule, accounting and ledger systems will have to undergo a significant transformation so that the desired information is gathered into a discrete location that can then be mapped to the Schedule.
Because web-based SAARMS online accounting system would be a web-shared service, users simply "plug in and go," almost as easily as users would plug into a communications network or electric power grid.
Two key methodologies are currently in use to drive improvements in management accounting and manufacturing performance measurement.
In a different scenario, a wealthy client sought estate-planning advice from a midsize accounting firm.
However, counter to the way implemented by many taxpayers, the repeal of the reserve method does not require them to rely on the write-off entry recorded for financial accounting purposes; Congress intended to allow a deduction for partially worthless business bad debts in the year in which ascertained worthless, provided they are charged off by the taxpayer.

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