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The responsibility of the person or organization responsible for a task to take credit for all positive outcomes and blame for all negative outcomes. Accountability is desirable in finance and economics because it promotes efficiency. See also: Transparency.
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an employee's RESPONSIBILITY for the exercise of certain duties and the requirement to report to his superiors on his performance of them. In recent years, many managers have attempted to strengthen lines of accountability so as to achieve improvements in the job performance of their subordinates.

One approach to this has been th creation of PROFIT CENTRES. The profit performance of these subunits of the organization can be closely monitored by organizational leaders, thereby increasing the accountability of those working in the profit centres. In so far as creation of profit centres involves a measure of decentralization of decision-making, decentralization of responsibility and AUTHORITY can be coupled with increased accountability. See MANAGEMENT, ORGANIZATION.

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Margarita Caca Nikolovska, a former judge at the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, says that the judge whose verdict has been annulled by the Court in Strasbourg may be held accountable but before doing that it should be closely established what he did wrong.
Fully Accountable is an accounting firm that offers specialized accounting services for eCommerce and digitally based businesses.
Despite the deadline being close to the start of the midterm polls in May, she said they are confident all of the ballots and accountable forms will be completed on time after NPO committed to print a million ballot per day.
If the church wants to raise accountable citizens, it should be accountable itself.
Responding to Zardari's remarks, Nawaz stressed that 'everyone' will be held accountable. Speaking to journalists at the accountability court, Nawaz affirmed with the former president and said everyone will be answerable.
Expect a life transformation when you pursue Silverstein's suggestion to read the text, become familiar with the keys to master your decisions and by focusing on the suggested questions and exercises by spending five minutes a day considering your answers and let them build on each other as you begin to make "accountable" decisions.
"However, the ballots, accountable and non-accountable forms that will be printed for the Mindanao Regions will bear May 14, 2018 as the date of the elections," the Comelec said.
The purpose of the forum was to increase attendees' understanding of the core principles of accountable care, to showcase how accountable care can help achieve population health goals and system efficiencies, and to identify how healthcare providers in England are adapting and advancing accountable care principles.
Sea Girt, NJ, June 26, 2017 --( Accountable care organization (ACO) adoption more than doubled from 2013 to 2017, with the number of healthcare organizations participating in ACOs rising from 34 to 71 percent, according to 2017 ACO metrics from the Healthcare Intelligence Network.
"In Qatar, local leaders have come together in an accountable care model to prevent diabetes and its complications."

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