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The responsibility of the person or organization responsible for a task to take credit for all positive outcomes and blame for all negative outcomes. Accountability is desirable in finance and economics because it promotes efficiency. See also: Transparency.
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an employee's RESPONSIBILITY for the exercise of certain duties and the requirement to report to his superiors on his performance of them. In recent years, many managers have attempted to strengthen lines of accountability so as to achieve improvements in the job performance of their subordinates.

One approach to this has been th creation of PROFIT CENTRES. The profit performance of these subunits of the organization can be closely monitored by organizational leaders, thereby increasing the accountability of those working in the profit centres. In so far as creation of profit centres involves a measure of decentralization of decision-making, decentralization of responsibility and AUTHORITY can be coupled with increased accountability. See MANAGEMENT, ORGANIZATION.

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At the outset of hearing, the Accountability watchdog's prosecutor sought an extension in former president's remand for the fourth time.
The court announced the verdict after nine years of filing of the reference by the National Accountability Bureau.
Therefore, he requested the trial court's judge to transfer the proceedings of trial in the case to the accountability court.
The Chairman AJK Accountability Bureau directed the bureau officials to utilize their professional expertise and ensure tightening the siege against other offenders involving in corruption and embezzlement.
In her assessment of civil society actors in the EU, Kohler-Koch (2010: 1117) explores the fundamental question in accountability: "Who is accountable to whom"?
Across the board accountability is a demand which is raised from various quarters yet one needs to ask: why has the process of across the board accountability not taken off in Pakistan?
Second, we've learned that parents and voters feel strongly that accountability is essential.
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