account statement

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Account statement

In the context of banking, refers to a summary of all balances.

In the context of securities, a summary of all transactions and positions (long and short) between a broker/dealer and a client. See also: Option agreement.

Account Statement

1. In banking, a statement detailing all credits and debits to an account over a given period of time. It is also called a bank statement.

2. In investing, a statement detailing all long positions and short positions that an investor currently holds.

account statement

A periodic statement to an investor showing the investor's investment position at a given point in time and transactions for the investor's account during a given period of time. An account statement for an active account is generally sent at the beginning of each month, while statements for inactive accounts are sent quarterly.
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Specifically, the SEC alleges that on at least two occasions, Rusciano forged brokerage account statements to make it appear that a hedge fund account had millions of dollars more in assets than it actually had.
Organizations running SAP for Banking solutions can now provide personalized messaging on all customer correspondence, including account statements, directly within the SAP NetWeaver user interface.
In a recent study conducted by the University of Frankfurt, StreamServe and Bonpago entitled, "The Ideal Account Statement Study: The Potential Value for The Customer, The Investor, and The Bank" (www.
With StreamServe's enterprise document presentment solution, customers can choose to receive their account statement via e-mail, post or online.
CDC has advised all Sub-Account Holders to carefully read the account statements and contact their Participant and CDC in case of any discrepancy.
Banco do Brasil required a solution to capture and process 60m savings account statements stored over 60,000 microfiches.
THE Post Office has been forced to apologise to thousands of pensioners after more than 100 card account statements were sent to the wrong customers.
Researchers predict that within five years, electronic delivery will replace a large chunk of the account statements sent by mail in the country.
If you fall victim to a phishing scam, act immediately to protect yourself by alerting your financial institution, placing fraud alerts on your credit files, and monitoring your account statements closely.
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The system enables health care providers and institutions to perform complete account receivable reconciliation, practice management and billing system integration, , and verification of their online account statements, all in real time utilizing a wide range of web portal and software based environments