account statement

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Account statement

In the context of banking, refers to a summary of all balances.

In the context of securities, a summary of all transactions and positions (long and short) between a broker/dealer and a client. See also: Option agreement.
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Account Statement

1. In banking, a statement detailing all credits and debits to an account over a given period of time. It is also called a bank statement.

2. In investing, a statement detailing all long positions and short positions that an investor currently holds.
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account statement

A periodic statement to an investor showing the investor's investment position at a given point in time and transactions for the investor's account during a given period of time. An account statement for an active account is generally sent at the beginning of each month, while statements for inactive accounts are sent quarterly.
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Khairolrony also confirmed that the account statement showed amounts of RM2 million each being deposited on four occasions during June 2016, namely on June 6, June 14, June 16 and June 17.
Aziz Al Jahdhami, an Omani teacher, said, a€?I went to the bank I deal with on a regular basis, and asked an employee for an account statement, but I was taken aback when told the bank will charge RO5 for it.a€Y
A 401(k) or individual account statement shows your contribution from your paycheck was not made.
When your client receives the separately managed account statement at the end of the month, they see each stock or security as a line item.
If an escrow account is established at loan closing, an initial escrow account statement must be provided at that time or within 45 calendar days of settlement.
Warba Bank has previously developed several on-going services such as card service that offer the customer a summary of his/her ATM card and credit card, as well as access to card account statement, find out the latest carried out transactions including withdrawn and available accounts, dates of operation and reporting lost cards.
"He printed out numbers he wanted to report to auditors and (to) NCUA and taped them over the real numbers from the true Corporate One bank account statement," the affidavit stated.
FlexiStrop is a free service enabling customers to set maximum levels for spending on every phone number that appears on their customer account statement. The telephone number will be blocked from making outgoing calls once the limit is reached.
You will receive a copy of Your individual Retiree Account Statement reflecting the allotment shortly after it is initiated.
Your account statement or a letter from your employer reports an unusual transaction, such as a loan to the employer, a corporate officer, or a plan trustee
The new PDF statement feature provides customers with access and download their detailed monthly account statement issued by QNB.
EARLIER this week my personal Electricity Account statement arrived from my electricity supplier SWALEC (I pay direct via my bank).