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As Prashant and Rishabh's sister Sakshi clicked his photos, the teenager accidentally pulled the trigger, shooting Prashant in the abdomen," the officer said.
In 2016, four soldiers accidentally entered the PA-controlled town of Halhul, near Hebron, when they were misdirected by Waze.
Today, during the demolition firing, being conducted in Pokharan by an Engineer Regiment of Indian Army, as part of its Annual Training Firing Practice, a shaped charge exploded accidentally, resulting in an unfortunate fatal casualty of one soldier and injuring four others," informed Defence spokesperson Lt Col Manish Ojha today.
Amba-an tried to stop Aluad but the latter accidentally fired the gun and hit Amba-an's head, the radio report added.
The drone then accidentally fell from a high altitude and crashed on the side mirror of the police vehicle.
two grenades accidentally exploded at the apartment of Syrian national Fadi Ahmad Abu Bayd, who was wounded and transferred to the nearby Bahman Hospital.
He then turned sideways and his left elbow accidentally touched the woman.
A BABY may have been accidentally killed when his mum and dad took him into bed for a feed.
A New York Times story on Thursday's front page incorrectly stated that an 8-year-old Massachusetts boy accidentally shot and killed himself at a Connecticut gun show in 2008.
BASRA/ Aswat al-Iraq: An Iraqi journalist was accidentally killed during a mourning ceremony here.
Two burglars targeted a house in a remote location for an attempted burglary, but their plans went awry when one of the suspects accidentally discharged his weapon.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Authorities in Northern Arizona said a 4-year-old boy has accidentally shot and killed his father at a Prescott Valley home.