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Written or oral confirmation that all or part of one's order has been executed, including the price and size parameters of the trade being reported; often followed by a fresh picture.


1. See: Stockholder's report.

2. Confirmation that a broker makes to a client that an order has been executed. The report includes all relevant information, such as price and order size. It may be made orally or in writing. See also: Fresh picture.


A confirmation of a transaction at the time of execution.
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In a statement, he noted that traditionally, processing traffic accident reports may take up to four hours.
20(a] impose an unconditional duty of operators to submit accident reports to MSHA when contractor employees are injured at the operator's mine when those employees are under the control of the operator, according to a ruling of the 4th U.
2) An accident report can be made at leisure with the insurance company.
As for the weather conditions to be blamed in the state police accident report, the source of the slippery highway surface wasn't black ice, which forms from moisture in the air, but rather drizzle that fell as water and quickly froze to the roadway, said Glenn Field, the warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service forecast office in Taunton.
The Almondbury man completed an accident report with staff and was then taken to hospital and required four stitches.
Unlike motor vehicle accidents, where responsibility for filing a report typically falls on law enforcement officers, you as the operator or owner of a boat involved in an accident are the one required to complete and submit an official accident report.
A PILOT and his two friends were killed when their light aircraft ran into rapidly-deteriorating weather, an accident report said yesterday.
THE captain of a holiday jet issued a Mayday call after numerous, incorrect warning messages came on in the cockpit, an accident report said yesterday.
The widows of the civilians sued the Air Force, but the government refused to release the accident report concerning the crash, claiming that the B-29 had been on a highly secret mission, eventually leading to the 1953 Supreme Court case of United States v.
A microlight pilot killed on an instruction flight with a pupil was nearly seven times over the prescribed blood-alcohol limit for pilots, an accident report said.
In the Gol 737-800/ExcelAire Legacy 600 accident report did not say if the Legacy was ordered to descend to 36,000 ft.

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