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Written or oral confirmation that all or part of one's order has been executed, including the price and size parameters of the trade being reported; often followed by a fresh picture.
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1. See: Stockholder's report.

2. Confirmation that a broker makes to a client that an order has been executed. The report includes all relevant information, such as price and order size. It may be made orally or in writing. See also: Fresh picture.
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A confirmation of a transaction at the time of execution.
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Or consider the accident report from the Environmental Protection Agency describing the explosion and fire at a manufacturing facility for pressurized containers in Elkhart, IN, on June 24, 1997.
All accident report forms should include questions regarding bloodborne pathogen exposure incidents, and lifeguards should understand exactly what constitutes an exposure incident.
Ouko said no explanation was issued for failure to release the accident report by the Cabinet Secretary, in accordance to the Civil Aviation (Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation) Regulation 2013.
But several months later he discovered his initial accident report had been re-completed by staff at the centre to remove any reference to loud music.
The Court of First Instance heard how the defendant managed to have a traffic accident report issued in his favour based on his false statement.
Summary: The new fee for compiling accident report for motorists will be implemented across all emirates
Without an accident report, Ouko says it was impossible for him to establish if the loss of taxpayer money was occasioned by natural cause, technical or pilot's error.
They then receive an accident report via email that can be given to their insurance firm.
A TOURIST attraction chief killed when his helicopter crashed was not qualified to fly at night, an accident report said.
PILOTS of a UK-bound holiday flight with some 200 passengers on board managed to land safely after losing more than a ton of fuel from an engine leak, an air accident report revealed today.
Both men were "experienced in cadet flying", an air accident report said.

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