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1. In law, the process by which one acquires property from another property one already owns. Accession occurs when a produced property automatically belongs to the owner of the producing property. For example, a corn cob grown in a garden accedes to the owner of the corn stalk. Likewise, corn starch belongs to the owner of the original corn from which it was made.

2. In international relations, the process by which a country joins the European Union.

3. See: Acquisition.


The right to own things that become a part of something you already own.When a tenant adds built-in cabinetry or other fixtures to a building,they become the property of the landlord by virtue of accession. Also frequently encountered in the realm of riparian (water) rights, such as new land created by dry river beds or retreating tidal lands.

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Navy - 32,622 accessions, with a goal of 32,592; 100 percent
Marine Corps - 25,872 accessions, with a goal of 25,833; 100 percent
The Army Accessions Command's subordinate organizations, the Army Recruiting and Cadet Commands, now report directly to the Army Training and Doctrine Command, as they did before the Army Accessions Command was established.
There is great merit in saying that there should be a uniform approach to Schengen accession, decided purely on the criteria employed in all other cases.
For his part, Osakwe appreciated Syria's efforts for cooperation and coordination with the Accessions Divisions, underlining Syria's strategic importance and positive role in the region and the world.
Although an accessions tax would completely eliminate the current transfer tax system, the benefit of its elimination would only be received at the cost of developing a new and complex system to replace it.
Neither the comprehensive income tax nor the accessions tax have been recently proposed as a viable alternative to our current transfer tax system.
The centerpiece of this new release is a new module for managing accessions -- registering newly arrived materials -- as a process independent of cataloging.
The new accessions module differs from traditional archival accession registers in many ways.
The Army Accessions Command has been chosen for inactivation as part of Department of Defense and Department of the Army efficiency reviews.
The Army Recruiting and Cadet Commands will now fall under the Army Training and Doctrine Command, as they did before the Army Accessions Command was established.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Minister of Economy and Trade Lamia Assi discussed on Thursday with Director of Accessions Division at the World Trade Organization (WTO) Chiedu Osakwe the coordination mechanisms to facilitate Syria's accession to WTO after it gained the approval last May.