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He stressed upon the need to adopt global standards of accessibility on digital platforms by the government and private sector alike.
Digital accessibility is related to an ICT-based product, tool, information or service which can be used by persons with disabilities and the elderly people as effectively as it can be used by a person without disability.
Interactive Accessibility is a consulting organisation specializing in accessible websites, web applications, documents, and mobile applications.
Blue Sky eLearn's accessibility initiatives will be featured on their Brand Disability Channel, accessed by clicking the interactive icon that is located on the homepage.
Inclusion of PWDs in electoral process and accessibility of polling stations is vital among other procedural and administrative measures.
These and many other efforts are bringing adoption of a common standard for evaluating accessibility to the marketplace.
Software Engineering plays a fundamental role in the development of accessible applications, since it can promote the integration between methodologies and specific accessibility techniques and activities at the software development process.
Some studies use accessibility to compare the relative competitiveness between public and private cars; spatial accessibility comparison [28-32] and traffic isochronism [33, 34] are two important methods.
Wells Fargo implemented its first Accessibility Hackathon, in which 30 internal teams in the U.S.
This free website contains a collection of resources for school administrators to understand, implement and manage web accessibility and ADA compliance for their web and digital communications, according to a news release from Campus Suite.
Just as Title III requires properties to be accessible to people with disabilities, some are arguing that websites are covered as well--but unlike brick-and-mortar accessibility regulations, nothing specific to websites is in place.
While the tech company added the 'Accessibility' feature to identify wheelchair-friendly locations last December 2016, this July, it decided to crowdsource accessibility information through 'Your contributions.'