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Another representative of the now nine families, Sar Sorn, said Nary was the only one of their group who accepted compensation yesterday.
Yousuf concluded that 12 nomination papers were submitted for PB-43 Pnajgur-11 and nine were accepted and three rejected, 18 for PB-44 Lasbela-1 and 13 were accepted and five rejected, 35 for PB-45 Lasbela-11 and 33 were accepted and two rejected, 28 for PB-46 Kharan, 27 were accepted and one rejected, 13 for PB-47 Washuk, 12 were accepted and one was rejected, 15 for PB-48 Kech-1 and 12 were accepted and three rejected, 12 for Kech-11 and 10 were accepted and two rejected, as well as 12 for PB-50 Kech-111 and 10 were approved and two rejected and 25 for PB-51 Gwadar, 22 were accepted and three rejected.
Outdated calendars, office paper that is used on one side, wallpaper, flooring samples, crayons and other stuff is gladly accepted by Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts in Eugene, Oregon, whose credo is "creativity is the solution to our garbage problem
Also, there will be five additional forms accepted for tax year 2005 e-filed returns.
The court rejected this argument because the IRS had notified Dutton that no refund was permitted before he accepted the offer.
Not surprisingly, this seemingly harsh approach is not universally accepted.
Because the offer was never accepted for processing, it was never pending and levy was never prohibited.
Openly gay students attending religious colleges are not only increasingly accepted, they are accepted despite their religions' antigay ideologies.
Boyle speculates that Arafat accepted this proposed settlement in order to prove good behavior for five years and then be given a state.
Applications submitted in response to this PA will be accepted at the standard application deadlines, which are available at http://grants.
For community members without an accepted scientific abstract, the scholarship or community press applications are the only way to get into this meeting.
Anglican jurisdictions in Western-oriented countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States all introduced women first, and then female bishops, years before the Church of England accepted women "priests" in November 1992.