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To touch or to lie next to. The term is used in property to determine the obligations of a homeowner or the municipality.
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Next to, touching, contiguous. Typically arises in the context of whether property owners have a duty to clean snow, ice, and debris from

the sidewalks abutting their property.
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To be sure, the location of the alleged defect and whether it abuts a particular property is significant concerning that particular property owner's duty to maintain the sidewalk in a reasonably safe condition.
Table 3 Multiple Regression Analysis of the Natural Log of Sale Price, Portland Study Area Predictor Coefficient t-Statistic P-Value Constant 11.73260000 320.64 0.000 Abuts HVTL -0.01661500 -2.61 0.009 2004 Sale -0.16722000 -4.13 0.000 2006 Sale 0.12987800 19.06 0.000 2007 Sale 0.17290100 19.24 0.000 Quarter 2 0.03179700 3.94 0.000 Quarter 3 0.05439400 6.04 0.000 Quarter 4 0.06355800 6.40 0.000 Age -0.00444460 -5.85 0.000 Age Squared 0.00003131 2.96 0.003 Lot Size (ac) 0.42296000 5.01 0.000 Fair Landscape -0.02980600 -3.26 0.001 Good Landscape 0.04986000 5.64 0.000 Above Avg.
Eddy then worked with the city administration on refining that proposal and limiting it to only those sidewalks that abut the rear-lot line of any property along a state highway maintained by the state.
Because this was an issue of first impression in South Dakota, the court reviewed cases from other jurisdictions and formulated the rule that a landowner's compensation for loss of access may arise when (1) a property abuts a proposed controlled-access highway, (2) the state takes a portion of the property in a condemnation proceeding for the highway, (5) the state mitigates some compensable element of damage based on the state's designation of a feature of the project, (4) the state subsequently eliminates that feature, and (5) the landowner can prove special damages.
They contend they are being unfairly burdened by the ordinance because the rear of their properties abuts Pleasant Street, which is also a state highway (Route 122).
The Sheffield, whose owners have renamed the building Sheffield57 since its conversion, abuts the Sir Norman Foster designed Hearst Tower on its western side.
It's amusing and obscurely satisfying to perceive Root's rule that curved or slanted edges appear courtesy of the cut aluminum only, while lines where paint abuts paint are ruled and right-angled--as if the tight interiors were being squashed and molded by a separate kind of physics in the world beyond.
The cladding system extends around the office facades and abuts the assembly chamber to the north where it becomes a double-glazed traingulated skin, reflecting the volume of the chamber within.
Negotiations to acquire property for a five-kilometre section heading into the city, which partly abuts the Batchewana First Nation, are ongoing "but are far from complete," writes the ministry in an e-mail.