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To touch or to lie next to. The term is used in property to determine the obligations of a homeowner or the municipality.


Next to, touching, contiguous. Typically arises in the context of whether property owners have a duty to clean snow, ice, and debris from

the sidewalks abutting their property.
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West River moved for, among other things, summary judgment dismissing plaintiffs complaint, asserting that because the area of the sidewalk upon which plaintiff tripped was located entirely in front of the Mercado property, the "defect" did not abut the West River premises, and therefore West River could not be held liable for failing to maintain its sidewalk.
Eddy then worked with the city administration on refining that proposal and limiting it to only those sidewalks that abut the rear-lot line of any property along a state highway maintained by the state.
But a brook runs through their properties, forcing residents to take a circuitous route to get to the sidewalk that abuts their rear-lot lines.
Abutting transmission line is the factor of interest and is present at 300 observations, as shown in Table 1 (412 observations do not abut an HVTL).
If the amendment proposed by the council is adopted - exempting property owners of the obligation to clear snow or ice from any sidewalk on any city street or state highway that abuts their rear lot line - the city would then have to hire private contractors to do that work, according to Robert L.
An entity related to the borrower currently owns the hotel property that abuts the site and had 118,675 s/f of excess air rights.
Under their proposal, the ordinance would no longer require property owners or occupants to clear snow or ice from any sidewalk on any city street or state highway that abuts the rear-lot line of their property.