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1. The total demand for all goods and services in an economy. One calculates the absorption by adding the value of all goods and services produced and consumed locally to that of all imports.

2. A French term for acquisition.
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the sharing of indirect costs or OVERHEADS to units of product by means of COST RATES. Provided that actual overheads do not exceed BUDGET and that actual output is the same as budgeted output, then the overhead cost rate should allow total product cost to be determined, and a selling price set which will recover the overhead costs involved in producing and selling the product. See STANDARD COST, OVERHEAD COST VARIANCE.
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The organizational learning literature has developed the concept of absorptive capacity, which refers to the ability to recognize the value of new external knowledge and to assimilate and use that knowledge into commercial ends (Cohen and Levinthal 1990).
Among the management-related factors, the following were distinguished: the number of people on the board, family relations among the management, managers' experience, managers' education profile, managers' level of business knowledge, business knowledge absorptive capacity, business development priorities, the form of planning and business advice.
To create absorptive capacity, three things are needed.
The normality of the data was calculated through the Kolmogoroy-Smirnov (K-S) test for the dependent variable (performance) and the independent variables (innovation, potential absorptive capacity and realized absorptive capacity), setting the level of significance at =0.05.
27, 2013, 'A nation's absorptive capacity and its current relevance.'
It is not waning because it is being overdone by capitalism, as Wolfgang Streeck or Achille Mbembe would have me believe, but because it is absorptive capitalism's management style and must decline with it.
To address this goal, we analyzed the role of past performance, absorptive capacity and internationalization on the innovative capacity of Brazilian companies.
To develop and to maintain Absorptive Capacity is essential to a company's survival and success, considering the absorptive can reinforce, complement or refocus the company's knowledge base (LANE; KOKA; PATHAK, 2006).
Keywords: Technology Innovation, Social Capital, Absorptive Capacity, Technology Commercialization Performance, Technology-Based SMEs
Any absorptive materials you add should also contribute to the health and aesthetics of your office.
The main objective of this work is to design an absorptive silencer, to effectively attenuate the safety valve exit noise to 85 dB, to limit the pressure drop across the silencer to 0.04 bar and to generate the insertion loss values for different combinations of Silencer Insertion Loss values.