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1. The total demand for all goods and services in an economy. One calculates the absorption by adding the value of all goods and services produced and consumed locally to that of all imports.

2. A French term for acquisition.


the sharing of indirect costs or OVERHEADS to units of product by means of COST RATES. Provided that actual overheads do not exceed BUDGET and that actual output is the same as budgeted output, then the overhead cost rate should allow total product cost to be determined, and a selling price set which will recover the overhead costs involved in producing and selling the product. See STANDARD COST, OVERHEAD COST VARIANCE.
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That is an average of 141,000 net new jobs per month, well below the benchmark level of 200,000 considered to be a healthy rate of expansion, but it has been enough to push vacancy lower and absorption higher.
Developed at the University of Washington, FEFF is an automated program for ab initio multiple scattering calculations of X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) and X-ray Absorption Near-Edge Structure (XANES) spectra for clusters of atoms.
Strong absorption in the South reflected active construction, a byproduct of population growth and residential development.
Absorption Systems said this acquisition expands its expertise in research and GxP assay development services.
Caption: Historical Vacancy Rate & Net Absorption Source: Xceligent
The vapor absorption refrigeration system uses at least two fluids.
It is well known that correcting vitamin D deficiency results in an increase in fractional (percent) absorption of calcium.
Both the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and optical energy absorption capability of the photoacoustic element are critical to the photoacoustic generation efficiency [7,8].
The Results: There was no difference in the calcium absorption between the two groups of infants fed the formula.
Net absorption is defined as the difference in the amount of space leased during the current quarter versus the previous quarter.