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1. To trade a security without driving the market price in any direction. That is, a security is said to absorb transactions when they do not cause the price to go up or down.

2. To refrain from passing on a cost to customers. For example, a business absorbs a cost when it must pay an additional $1 per unit in taxes but does not raise a unit's retail price by any amount.


To offset sell orders or a new security offering with buy orders.
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The newly discovered plant species Rinorea niccolifera can absorb large amounts of nickel without poisoning itself.
The problem is that as the polar oceans absorb more carbon dioxide, the rate at which they take in additional amounts decreases.
New Delhi, March 24 (ANI/Business Wire India): Fat Absorb India has introduced a healthy weight loss programme which does not require dramatic changes in the lifestyle and has been endorsed by several medical practitioners across the world.
Novel heart devices fashioned primarily from materials that the body can absorb or break down have made their debut in patients.
Towel off, and shake on baby powder to absorb wetness.
In the segmented ionization chamber, a gas ratio of 0.5 bar [.sup.3]He and 3 bar Ar produced 2 X [10.sup.4] ion pairs on average per neutron absorbed, that were collected on charge collecting plates divided into independent quadrants.
While the skin absorbs a very small percentage of the aluminum in antiperspirants, studies show, natural health advocates raise questions about the effects of constant exposure.
This system absorbs over 90% of the damaging force, providing optimum safety and security during earthquakes as severe as the Kobe earthquake of 1995.
Less than 20% of nonheme iron, the type found in non-animal-product foods, is absorbed into the body when consumed.
Additionally, plants normally absorb other nutrients--like the elements nitrogen and phosphorous--from the soil through their roots.
Based on these statistics, for every office job created, approximately 120 square feet of office space in the rental inventory was absorbed.