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1. The total demand for all goods and services in an economy. One calculates the absorption by adding the value of all goods and services produced and consumed locally to that of all imports.

2. A French term for acquisition.


the sharing of indirect costs or OVERHEADS to units of product by means of COST RATES. Provided that actual overheads do not exceed BUDGET and that actual output is the same as budgeted output, then the overhead cost rate should allow total product cost to be determined, and a selling price set which will recover the overhead costs involved in producing and selling the product. See STANDARD COST, OVERHEAD COST VARIANCE.
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Grease&Oil Absorbent Output, Capacity and Demand
External collection devices (generally known as external catheters) are most suitable for alert, ambulatory residents who want an occassional alternative to absorbent products.
Although we are focusing our initial efforts on the agricultural and horticultural markets, we are also actively developing intellectual property and applying for patents for a variety of eco-friendly products that are expected to transition Super Absorbent Company to other market segments, including the medical field and the consumer marketplace," concludes Sinkinson.
With a proven technology foundation, we deliver cost-effective solutions to forward-thinking companies such as International Absorbents, providing them with the tools necessary to take a strong, competitive stance in their respective markets and position their companies for future growth.
Our plan to affect horizontal expansion--similar to the very successful efforts of International Absorbents Corp.
Geoff Perry, President of Complete Spill Solutions, stated, "I am proud to announce that the system is on line and producing an excellent quality cellulose absorbent.
Their products are compatible for use with the Flexible Ice(TM) Blanket, and are used in the shipment of a vast range of bio-medical products where spoilage and contamination are of concern, including blood and diagnostic specimens where absorbents are now mandated.
Blood Systems has been seeking a blood absorbent product for nine years that would meet its product validation testing standards and the BioLargo i2Absorb, with biocidal iodine in a super absorbent material, is the only product we've found that meets our performance criteria," said Michael Lamb, Vice President Planning and Development of Blood Systems.
8,674,169 B2 Absorbent core: Jonathan Paul Brennan, Sharonville, OH, US; Giovanni Carlucci, Chieti, Italy; and Maurizio Tamburro, Sambuceto, Italy.
Rayonier (NYSE:RYN) announced today that it will invest $15 million in a new 12,000 ton per year state-of-the-art production facility for its NovaThin(TM) line of engineered absorbent products.