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1. The total demand for all goods and services in an economy. One calculates the absorption by adding the value of all goods and services produced and consumed locally to that of all imports.

2. A French term for acquisition.
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the sharing of indirect costs or OVERHEADS to units of product by means of COST RATES. Provided that actual overheads do not exceed BUDGET and that actual output is the same as budgeted output, then the overhead cost rate should allow total product cost to be determined, and a selling price set which will recover the overhead costs involved in producing and selling the product. See STANDARD COST, OVERHEAD COST VARIANCE.
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Discussion of Absorbed Energy and Energy Absorbency Rate
The absorbency gradually increased as the wavelength increased to 490 nm.
Absorbency of knitted fabric for various (a) yarn counts and (b) P/C blend ratios vertical wicking (a) Yarn counts Absorbency time (sec) [C.sub.1]=12s 12.333 [C.sub.2]=16s 14.417 [C.sub.3]=20s 15.417 (b) P/C blend ratios Absorbency time (sec) P/C blend ratios B0-0/100 6.667 B1-10/90 12.333 B2-35/65 15.111 B3-50/50 22.111 Note: Table made from bar graph.
where F is the fractional uptake, [Q.sub.t] denotes the water absorbency at time t, and [Q.sub.[infinity]] is the equilibrium water absorbency, k is a constant incorporating characteristic of the polymer network and the penetrant, n is a kinetic exponent of the model of solute transport.
The water absorbency for SACFs depended on aged time in the various salt concentrations at 120[degrees]C as shown in Figure 7.
When CIE whiteness index and absorbency of the finished samples were measured, it was noticed that at 2%, 4% and 6% concentrations the whiteness index was dropped about 18%, 26% and 35% from the untreated sample.
The difference between the different irrigation treatments (figure 4) reveals that in cycling treatment the iron absorbency has been increased compared to the instance (Well irrigation).
NEW YORK -- Technological advancements have driven the evolution of feminine hygiene absorbency products over the years, and as a result, women have benefited from improved comfort and product efficacy.
MADE from three panels of high-quality cotton with added padding in the centre for extra absorbency.