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1. To trade a security without driving the market price in any direction. That is, a security is said to absorb transactions when they do not cause the price to go up or down.

2. To refrain from passing on a cost to customers. For example, a business absorbs a cost when it must pay an additional $1 per unit in taxes but does not raise a unit's retail price by any amount.


To offset sell orders or a new security offering with buy orders.
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Pads come in a variety of shapes, sizes, absorbability, fabrics and length.
In experiments on monkeys, the company confirmed that the new formulation has an immediate action equivalent to injections as well as excels in absorbability through nasal mucosa.
45-80 Moisture Feedstuff Abrasiveness Absorbability Pelletability Oat hulls High Low Very low Alfalfa meal, High High Medium dehydrated Wheat bran Low Medium Low Brewers' grains Medium Medium Low Distillers' grains Medium Low Low Beet pulp Medium Medium Low Corn gluten feed Low Low Medium Wheat middlings Low Medium Very high Rice bran High Low Low Ground ear corn, Very high Medium Very low 45 lb.
lachryma-jobi seed contains different kinds of phytosterols, including sitosterol, sitosterone, campersterol and camperstanol (Chien, 1998; Lin, 1999), among which camperstanol has the best phytosterol selective absorbability, and the next is [beta]-sistosterol (Ikeda et al.
The chief executive of the technology and logistics giant EDS, studying chemical engineering at Princeton University as a young man, elected to write about the absorbability of hydrogen atoms on surfaces.
Symptoms of the diseased abalone included increased mucus, decreased activity, and loss of absorbability.
The combination appeared to greatly enhance the vitamin's absorbability.
Toxicity of arsenic compounds varies widely based on biochemical actions of the compounds, absorbability, and efficiency of biotransformation and disposition (EPA, 1999).
The issue of absorbability was discussed and supplements with high absorbability ratings (calcium citrate and calcium carbonate) were recommended.
Jongbloed AW, Kemme PA (1990) Effect of pelleting mixed feeds on phytase activity and the apparent absorbability of phosphorus and calcium in pigs.
2000), based on soil intakes of 143-300 g/day for sheep and 900-1600 g/day for cattle, a soil F absorbability of 20-38% and dietary F tolerances of 60 and 40 mg/kg DM for sheep and cattle, respectively, predicted that topsoil F concentrations of >326-1461 mg F/kg would cause fluorosis in sheep and cattle.
The differences in absorbability have led to the concept of dietary folate equivalents (DFE), where 1 DFE = 1 [micro]g food folate = 0.