absolute title

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Clear Title

The title to a property where there are no competing claims, liens, or anything else that would hinder its transfer. That is, if a property has undisputed ownership, its owner is said to have clear title. An owner with clear title may sell the property without any legal difficulties. Generally speaking, a real estate broker researches a property to ensure that there are no competing claims. See also: Quitclaim deed, Title search.

absolute title

A title to real estate without any competing claims such as IRS liens, prior mortgages, leases, easements, or spousal claims. A lender will usually require either clear title in the borrower, or waivers by other parties, so the lender will have absolute title if it has to foreclose. Also called clear title.

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Previously only Omani natural persons could acquire absolute title to land in the Sultanate.
On expiry of the usufruct right all rights in the land revert to the grantor, who has remained the owner of the underlying absolute title.
Thompson did not suspend his absolute title and enjoyment of such property.
Sale through the bankruptcy process requires court approval which conveys absolute title.
If they can prove absolute title then their title will be equal to or better than the title the provincial crown claims to exert over the land.
The objectives of the retrial to obtain absolute title will accommodate the Gitxsan rights to the land and affirm the government's fiduciary relationship to include the Gitxsan in any decision making process in regard to the land.
This title will be open to challenge from the real owner of the land, but if no claim has been made to the land some 12 to 15 years later then this Possessory Title can be upgraded to Absolute Title - and yours to keep.
This title is often given where the freehold is unregistered or where the freehold is registered with a less than an absolute title.
After 12 years of holding Possessory Title of the land you can apply to have it upgraded to Absolute Title, which will make it yours permanently.