above par

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Above par

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Above Par

Describing a bond or other fixed-income security that sells for a price above its face value. For example, a bond for $20 over its face value is selling above par. Generally speaking, securities sell above par when interest rates have declined and thus new issues of bonds will pay a lower coupon. A bond that sells above par will mature at a price less than what the bondholder paid, but he/she may still make a profit, if one takes coupons into account.

above par

Of or relating to a security that sells at more than face value or par value. For example, a $1,000 par bond that trades at a market price of $1,050 is selling above par. A fixed-income security is most likely to sell above par if market rates of interest have declined since the time the security was issued. Bonds purchased above par will result in capital loss to the buyer if held to maturity and redeemed at face value. Compare below par. See also premium bond.
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Because many investors prefer not to pay a price above par, underwriters may prefer to be paid from the principal.
This evidence probably exaggerates the extent of the bias, as 'low' scored a not-too-bad 42 on the draw bias index, while 'middle' and 'high' registered scores of 56 and 52, just slightly above par.
Come to think of it, that's really the allure of Sushi Ko, with the majority of its seafood creations, pretty or not, really measuring above par on its customers' personal gratification scale.
Two sisters are on course to be way above par with pounds 500,000 plans to develop their golf and hotel business.
The shot that he dropped sent him back above par but he's in a tenacious mood this week and by the par-five fifth he had got it back.
De Vere Hotels has always played above par when championship golf is on the cards and this year is no exception, as they play host to six golf tournaments across country.
5% premium paid above par for the bonds in the tender, as the company is expected to fund the tender with cash balances.
The Co Antrim golf ace took time out before the Irish Open to make children at Our Lady's Hospital in Crumlin, Dublin to make his young fans feel well above par.
Unlike the recent Turkey Government issue it will remain above par partly because it is a smaller transaction and partly because of QIB's higher rating of "A" compared to "Ba1" for the Government of Turkey.
The Frank Platt Championship side made a just above par score of 163-6 led by Abdul Hamid (42) and second teamer Richard Burgin (41) before restricting their Premiership visitors to 152-5 in reply, Greg Wadsworth making 48 and Dan Hill 32 not out.
The total cash used for the Tender Offer, including the purchase price above par value of the notes, accrued interest, and fees & expenses, was approximately $298.
Having eaten at three other Vintage Inns during the past year and only found The Bell in Belbroughton to be above par, just choosing meals that we really fancied in the bottom half of the price range was hard work.