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USEFUL ITEMS FOR A DOG FIRST-AID KIT ITEM USE Abdominal pad Large absorbent pad, usually gauze, for large wounds and heavy bleeding.
Secondary dressing options for skin tears include gauze, roll gauze, transparent film, dressing retention sheet, and abdominal pad.
Covaderm[R] (DeRoyal), Band-Aid Island Dressing[R] (Johnson & Johnson), Aquacel[R] Hydrofiber Dressing (ConvaTec), Tendersorb[R] WetPruf Abdominal Pad (Kendall), Exu-Dry[R] Wound Dressings and Garments (Smith & Nephew), Primapore[TM] Specialty Absorptive Dressing (Smith & Nephew), Curity[R] Abdominal Pads (Kendall).

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