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1. To decide not to exercise an option. This occurs when an option is out-of-the-money on the exercise date. That is, one may abandon an option if it is currently unprofitable and thus highly unlikely to become profitable.

2. To withdraw one's claim to an asset, especially an unprofitable one. Corporations must file appropriate paperwork with the government to abandon assets. Alternatively, an individual may abandon both real and personal property. For example, a homeowner may leave his/her house and never intend to return. A squatter may then come to possess the home through adverse possession. An important component of abandonment is the owner's intent never to return or otherwise possess the property again.

3. To opt out of a forward contract according to the procedure specified therein. When one abandons a forward contract, one does not buy or sell the underlying asset and it is not delivered.


To elect not to exercise an option.
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Retail Remorse Apparel, the largest mobile commerce sector, is also the most frequently abandoned, with three in five (60%) of those reported abandoning purchases doing so with apparel items (clothing, shoes, accessories).
The fine for abandoning a vehicle on a city street is now $400.
Abandonment of related property: Land preparation costs may derive their useful life from a closely related depreciable asset if abandoning the asset will result in abandoning the land preparations.
The lesson from Chronicles can prepare the way for Christians to read into this passage the subtle warning about abandoning the member of another house, bet lehem (Bethlehem).
Louise and Remy have long since split up--we learn that their marriage ended soon after his philandering was exposed at the end of Decline--and Sebastien resents his father for abandoning the family.
Geoffrey Bueno, 29, was found hidden under bushes near a home in Woodland Hills after abandoning his car during the 50-minute pursuit, police said.
At this point, a company should explicitly consider abandoning the asset in question by estimating the value of the asset in place and comparing the result with the abandonment value.
Within a few years, wild-catters began abandoning the less-productive wells without plugging their still-flowing streams of crude.
The appellate court also ruled that the owner breached the contract in the process of abandoning same.
The Company reserves the right to abandon the Reverse Stock Split in the event that the Company determines that the amount of cash required to cash out fractional shares would exceed $3,000,000 (exclusive of transaction costs and fees) or if the Company otherwise determines that abandoning the Reverse Stock Split would be in the best interests of the Company.