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1. To decide not to exercise an option. This occurs when an option is out-of-the-money on the exercise date. That is, one may abandon an option if it is currently unprofitable and thus highly unlikely to become profitable.

2. To withdraw one's claim to an asset, especially an unprofitable one. Corporations must file appropriate paperwork with the government to abandon assets. Alternatively, an individual may abandon both real and personal property. For example, a homeowner may leave his/her house and never intend to return. A squatter may then come to possess the home through adverse possession. An important component of abandonment is the owner's intent never to return or otherwise possess the property again.

3. To opt out of a forward contract according to the procedure specified therein. When one abandons a forward contract, one does not buy or sell the underlying asset and it is not delivered.
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To elect not to exercise an option.
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