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1. To decide not to exercise an option. This occurs when an option is out-of-the-money on the exercise date. That is, one may abandon an option if it is currently unprofitable and thus highly unlikely to become profitable.

2. To withdraw one's claim to an asset, especially an unprofitable one. Corporations must file appropriate paperwork with the government to abandon assets. Alternatively, an individual may abandon both real and personal property. For example, a homeowner may leave his/her house and never intend to return. A squatter may then come to possess the home through adverse possession. An important component of abandonment is the owner's intent never to return or otherwise possess the property again.

3. To opt out of a forward contract according to the procedure specified therein. When one abandons a forward contract, one does not buy or sell the underlying asset and it is not delivered.


To elect not to exercise an option.
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Darley director of stallions Sam Bullard said: "Reckless Abandon was an unbeaten champion twoyear-old, a brilliant sprinter and he has the physique to match.
In addition, the court allowed the deduction for some of the intangibles even though the taxpayer did not abandon all of them.
Thus, if an asset should become worthless in Year 1 but the taxpayer should take no steps to abandon it until Year 2, the inimical result of the commissioner's position would be a disallowed deduction in Year 1 for lack of abandonment and a disallowed deduction in Year 2 as well because the property first became worthless in Year 1--a classic Catch-22 position for taxpayers.
Ultimately, the estate was able to refinance two properties, and the trustee withdrew his request to abandon those.
Daniel Kunz, China Mineral's Chairman, said, "In light of the substantial sentiment of Public Shareholders not to extend the date before which the Company must complete a business combination, the Board determined, as we stated in our proxy material, that it is in our shareholders' best interest to abandon the proposed charter amendment and return our public shareholders' investments to them as provided in our charter and public filings.
Abandon Mobile is a mobile game developer and publisher formed by Abandon Entertainment, Inc.
I think it was time years ago to abandon this Belmont project to find a safe site to build a new school,'' he said.
Ski Team, and we really worked to capture the spark and excitement that is Bode Miller and feed that into the game," said Jamie Ottilie, chief operating officer, Abandon Mobile.
Whether the school board once again will vote to abandon Belmont or agree to spend more to salvage it remained an open question.
The Company reserves the right to abandon the Reverse Stock Split in the event that the Company determines that the amount of cash required to cash out fractional shares would exceed $3,000,000 (exclusive of transaction costs and fees) or if the Company otherwise determines that abandoning the Reverse Stock Split would be in the best interests of the Company.
Unfortunately people abandon animals all the time,'' Patrice said.