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But, after discussion, backers decided that 'we draw the line at Zyklon-B,' she said.
For the Zundel trial, Leuchter went to Auschwitz, secured samples from the ruins of the gas chambers (illegally), and came up with The Leuchter Report, in which he purports to prove that Zyklon-B could not have been used to kill hundreds of thousands of people at the camps--and, therefore, that Zundel is innocent of circulating "false news," because the Holocaust could never have happened.
Rudolf Hoss, commandant of Auschwitz, is commonly cited as the man who decided to use Zyklon-B on humans.
Leuchter dismisses the extensive documentation for the use of Zyklon-B to exterminate humans as irrelevant in the face of what he claims is a simple scientific fact.
Imber (ethics and sociology, Wellesley College) has brought together perspectives drawn from both Eastern and Western religions and an almost startling range of discrete examples: from the historical example of the chemical company that created Zyklon-B (the poison gas used in Nazi concentration camps) to animal welfare.
One hopes, if found guilty, he is banged up - just as anyone discovered selling poison gas Zyklon-B to Nazis should have been.