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Many Zaireans told NCR they despaired of being able to end either the corruption impoverishing their lives or the endless political games in Kinshasa sapping their hopes.
The primacy function of the Zairean economy since Mobutu Sese Seko came to power 32 years ago, has been to enrich the president and his cronies.
Zairean dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, who was footing the bill for the whole shebang, wouldn't let any of the principals leave the country until the fight happened.
While he is finding solace from the splendid views offered by his various European properties, ethnic fighting continues in eastern Zaire pitting local Tutsis, the 'Banyamulenge', against Hutu refugees and the Zairean army (FAZ) provoking widespread fear that a repeat of the Rwandan bloodshed only two years ago is imminent.
It was more of the same in the 1990s when the Zairean army rioted in several cities -- France and Belgium sent in troops to keep Mobutu safe.
Goma's last foreign aid workers fled to neighbouring Rwanda last Saturday after fierce battles involving rebels, refugees and Zairean soldiers killed 400 people.
Following the August meeting in Mauritius between the Rwandan and Zairean Presidents, the Zairean authorities in Goma have seized 139 of these parcels - but the contents of the remaining 15 had already been withdrawn by the ex-Ministers.
Eye witnesses in these two Zairean border towns describe an ecological disaster.
But whatever their political affiliation, many Zaireans have decided that it is better to take matters into their own hands at the regional level than to continue to languish in need while Kinshasa does nothing to help.
Attending the seminar were Belgian officials, scholars and businessmen, as well as a few Zairean academics and some multilateral experts.
Lebanese, Pakistani and nationals of West African countries are singled out, as though smuggling is seen as strictly a foreign activity somehow not involving Zaireans.
The slogan inspired Ali, even though his efforts to repeat the phrase with his thick American accent caused hilarity among Zaireans.