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Breaking Stalin's Nose is told from the first-person viewpoint of a young boy--Sasha Zaichik, who idolizes both his father and the great communist leader, Comrade Stalin.
Zaichik is head of the Laboratory of Theoretical Hydrodynamics at the Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
By following the theoretical work of Reeks (1993) and Zaichik (1997), the Boussinesq-Prandtl hypothesis is feasible for modeling the particle shear stresses, in the limit of large inertial particles in simple shear flows, as considered in this work.
The earth has relentlessly covered this last stretch and the patch of reflected sunshine (solnechnyi zaichik), a child's plaything, reminds us of the infinite.
The colloquial word for a reflection of a sunbeam (playing on a wall, for instance) is zaichik, the diminutive of the word for 'hare' (zaiats).
The PDF models, for example, by Reeks (1991, 1992), Zaichik and Vinberg (1991), Zaichik et al.
Recently Mukin and Zaichik (2012) have proposed a nonlinear algebraic Reynolds stress model for the gas flow laden with small heavy particles based on the PDF approach.
of Oil & Gas, Russia) and Zaichik (Krzhizhanovsky Power Engineering Institute, Russia) provides a foundation of statistical methods used in understanding the hydrodynamics of micro particles suspended in fluids.
Here [D.sub.t] is the coefficient of turbulent diffusion of particles, which is calculated by the model of Zaichik and Alipchenkov (2005).