Zacks Investment Research

Zacks Investment Research

A company that compiles information on analyst recommendations for more than 5,000 publicly-traded companies. Zacks collects and disseminates recommendations from several thousand analysts, and is known for its interpretations of "consensus" recommendations. Its services are available on a subscription basis.

Zacks Investment Research

A firm that compiles earnings estimates and brokerage firm investment recommendations for thousands of publicly traded firms.

Zacks Investment Research.

This Chicago-based company tracks changes in earnings estimates, as well as buy, sell, and hold recommendations for approximately 5,000 stocks.

The information is provided by more than 3,500 financial analysts at more than 210 brokerage firms.

Based on its research, Zacks compiles consensus earnings estimates, industry group reports, and company reports that are widely followed by both individual and institutional investors.

The service is available to all investors by subscription.