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SJ Realty intends to redevelop both properties into market-rate housing geared to graduate students and young urban professionals.
* Inhabit Units--Seattle-based Unico's prefab apartment attracting young urban professionals
Where once the Young Urban Professionals held sway, today's archetypal office-dweller has been labelled a 'gossip' - a Gadget Obsessed, Status Symbol Infatuated Professional.
The 227-unit development is planned for Chicago's Streeterville neighborhood, a residential and commercial community that is popular with young urban professionals. Located two blocks east of the Magnificent Mile and two blocks west of Lake Michigan, it is within walking distance of shopping, dining, museums, the Lake, the Loop and public transportation.
You can't just pick any old rundown grot spot -- there has to be something to attract young urban professionals, as they used to be known.
We've had the Dinkys (Double Income No Kids Yet.) The Yuppies (Young Urban Professionals.) Sinbads (Single Income No Boyfriend Absolutely Desperate.) Woopies (Well off older persons.) Now we have the Tireds (Thirty Something Radical Educated Drop Outs.) They're tired of the rat race and prepared to earn less for more quality time.
It can be driven on a full motorcycle licence and has been created to bring imagination and freedom onto the streets with a trendy image aimed at young urban professionals and teenagers.
Potashman is ecstatic about operating his style of supermarket in a neighborhood populated almost exclusively by young urban professionals.
The Flats Fifth Avenue, Bonifacio Global City's flagship co-living development, caters to students and young urban professionals who are looking for a home in the city to skip the hassle of commuting to and from their school or workplace.
"Set for Tomorrow caters to Filipinos from 18 to 70 years of age, from young urban professionals to retirees.
WORCESTER - Plans to redevelop two long-underused properties on Main Street into market-rate housing geared to graduate students and young urban professionals have cleared the first major hurdle.
The complex will be geared towards young urban professionals or families looking to live close to the action of central Las Vegas.