yield advantage

Yield advantage

The advantage gained by purchasing convertible securities instead of common stock, which equals the difference between the rates of return of the convertible security and the common shares.
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Yield Advantage

The yield of a publicly-traded company's convertible securities minus the yield on the dividends of its common stock. The yield advantage is important in determining whether it would be better to buy convertible securities or common stock, and whether it would be profitable to exercise the convertible option on the convertible securities.
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yield advantage

The additional current return from holding a convertible security as opposed to owning the stock into which the convertible can be exchanged.
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"Trials in the higher-rainfall zones, in Kojonup and Esperance, have shown nitrogen can be applied even later, at pod-fill stage, and there will be a yield advantage."
In a meeting on commercial cultivation of GM maize in Pakistan, the Seed Association of Pakistan representative forcefully opposed the commericalisation of GM maize, claiming that there was no significant yield advantage in its cultivation.
Several products have risen to the level of top-performing Pioneer PI 197 brand corn, with eight products averaging a 10 bu/ A yield advantage or greater.
To accomplish this objective, the Fund seeks a yield advantage over the ICE BofA Merrill Lynch U.S.
currency has been weighed down by a variety of factors this year, including concerns that Washington might pursue a weak dollar strategy and the perceived erosion of its yield advantage as other countries start to scale back their easy-money strategies.
Zhu [29] found that, in all wheat-maize intercropping studies, intercropped wheat always showed yield advantage compared to sole wheat.
Due to its high energy yield advantage, bifacial modules are becoming widely accepted by the solar PV market.
A full currency hedge would therefore have wiped out a substantial part of the 270-basis-point yield advantage that US bonds appeared to promise at the start of the year.
First Solar's unique energy yield advantage enables our solar projects in North Queensland to produce more energy per MW installed than other available PV technology, said John Cole, Edify Energy's Chief Executive.
Georges Antoun, First Solar's chief commercial officer, said: "Zorlu Enerji and Basariarge Enerji join a fast-growing list of Turkish energy companies that benefit from the tangible upside that First Solar's energy yield advantage delivers in the country.
Under Chromatin's leadership, the company has expanded its sales force and portfolio offerings and has introduced new products that provide a yield advantage, including some that thrive despite the presence of sugarcane aphids, a pest that is threatening Mexico's sorghum crop.